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Wing sabotaging my game

mASF post by TheRoyalFlush

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Wing sabotaging my game
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mASF post by "TheRoyalFlush"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

What up,

I’m facing a serious issue. I have speculation that my wing is sabotaging my
game, This is based off how he acts in field when i get more attention then
him. For example he was trying to get with one of my Fb's and is constantly
trying to beta everyone around him to make himself look good whenever we are in
set even me on occasion. I think he may be doing the most damage out of field
when setting up a day 2. What are some good ways to not allow him to beta me?
I don’t have trouble with this in field I just use AMOG tactics but i don’t
know how to handle it during the process of setting up a day 2 such as him
saying something to the girl through aim that is betaing me. It sucks that
some people are so damn needy that the littlest thing they get jealous over.
This kid actually gets laid more then me but still has a problem when I
dominate a set.

Should i talk to him about it? I have tried but he either freaks out or lies,
he lies about everything. Or should I find a way to beta him or just fuck him
and not wing with with him. He’s about the only really good wing I know out of
my friends so im not sure what to do?

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