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Acting Different guys to girls

mASF post by nedjimbo

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Acting Different guys to girls
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mASF post by "nedjimbo"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

I sometimes think that I have the same problem, it feels like you are more
alpha around women than around men right?

I've never been in the really popular crowd of guys and just recently at my
graduation it became pretty relevant cause I'd get those sarcastic alpha male
warm welcomes and other AMOG tactics

Personally, I'm beginning to see a lot more growth in myself in terms of social
interactions. I look at the social dynamics of the situation and always check
myself when I'm tempted to whine/make excuses/use self deprecating humor. You
can still be a pretty nice guy to your friends as long as you have self
respect, this whole "being in your own reality" thing isn't just for getting
chicks, if you see the naturals they NATURALLY do this stuff to EVERYBODY

be nice on your own terms, don't take bullshit, tease every now and then, be
fun and spontaneous but not dorky and approval seeking, start to lead and make
decisions for your group more often and you'll slowly find yourself falling
into the alpha male role (which will roll over to your female interactions too)

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