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Field Report: Queens Birthday Weekend

mASF post by Frank T.J. Mackey

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Field Report: Queens Birthday Weekend
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mASF post by "Frank T.J. Mackey"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2005

Hi guys this is my first post on the site I've basically been in the game about
10 months and browsing fastseduction site for about 5 months and met have a
about 10 community guys and sarged with them... I've had ok progress so far but
I've made a decision to really get going with this stuff and go hardcore as
when this stuff is handled life has been great... In the periods when it has
been handled my overall life in other areas has greatly improve as I have been
able to spend my time thinking and concentrating on them.
I must insert my favourite quote here
"sex is like air, the only time I think about it is when I'm not getting any"
credit Zan

A bit of personal background on myself. I'm an 18 year Old New Zealander who
has spent most of his life in Australia. I have hadaverage success thus far
with women. I have had short term relationships with three models and a few
other girls and hooked up with a decent amount of other girls. I have very high
standards with women and keep to them for the most part. I don't struggle with
building attraction and am naturally pretty good at flirting. The
main issues I need to get handled are confidence on approach more women and
persisting and staying with the girls in set longer.

With everyone busy with exams and me determined to get good at this stuff I
decided to do something I hadn't done since about January which was to go out
alone on Saturday night. Apparently alot of the best guys do this so it was
something I had to do to get more comfortable with myself. I rolled to the DUB
and my first group of the night were a bunch of less than spectacular... The
hottest chick
was about a 7 and that was only because she was wearing alot of makeup. They
basically were gold digging with no money scamming for free drinks. I was able
to not get caught up in there agenda and maintain my own. I ran some basic
flirting and cocky humour stuff... General
chit chat. The Targets two female friends told me they were lesbians to which I
immediately replied with I'm gay and managed to tool them as it was obvious
they weren't lesbians and I wasn't going to do the
traditional guy lesbian fantasy thing. I used my "I want a girl who treats my
right" line (stealing the girls frame) and made up this new thing which goes
alright... when my girl failed to get any free drinks from the random guy I
introed her too her friend and I decided to fire her as team leader and I went
up to her and go look
we are firing you, we are getting rid of you as team leader I am going to have
to give you the flick...*flick her on the shoulder* I also did some of the
stuff I usually do like grab her nose and flicking her playfully... I
eventually bailed on the girls as they
weren't hot and I decided to go for greener pastures even though I was getting
IOI's from all three girls... I don't know how the Russian guy faired I doubt
he got very far but he may have as he had the advantage of being foreign but
Australian girls don't really traditionally dig Russian guys... But if he got
somewhere I feel
privileged to have been able to bring two people together! I'm like cupid or

Sunday Night I headed out with my trusty wing know as saffariot. The first set
I approached that night in my memory was a girl from Canberra... I approached
with my own opener "may I flirt with you?"
then flirted...ran some role-play with my breaking up with her, her friend came
back I befriended her... got told to get a chair and join them... My target ask
my name etc IOI's I take it so I was well on my way... sometime after this
while I was giving them shit about being NSW supporters, saffa came back and I
introduce him... saffa
didn't want to occupy the other girl as she was a FUG... so we bounced to the
DUB... He opened two American HB with Odin danneskjolds nicest ass opinion
opener... I got told I have like a jlo arse (geez) and my wing apparently had a
beyonce arse (thanks hun) I have not idea how she, blonde girl new so much
about popstars arses!? :) The blonde was into it but saffa didn't really engage
the brunette (come on man! I love you…) that's why nothing happened in
that set… after some marriage role-play and the you breaking up with the blonde
thing she was totally into it calling you an asshole and playing along! Man I
know it's tough it must have shattered your confidence. Lol… *note for our
future sarges engage whole group!* We approached an American girl on the street
with does my friend look
gay then went into an interesting convo and she told saffa she digs South
African guys (he is South African) he didn't hear her… damn oh well we'll work
on that next time mate! saffa headed so I decided to hit one more club alone
and approach some cute girl off the dance floor but I didn't project loud
enough as it was fucking loud as in there… I went outside to the great
Australian invention the Beer Garden! I amoged some loser who was gaming an
HB8.5 American and told them they looked like
brother and sister etc then this guys player friend who obviously had game came
in and went logical on my… I should have went for some basic amog tactics but
it's in the past now… that wrapped my weekend
I started to feel genuine confidence in set but need to persist a lot more
however I hadn't really been out at all for the last 5 weeks so I needed to
start somewhere and I have a month now where I can basically do some street or
club/pub game every day…

Thanks Saffa for making the journey having met you a couple of times it was
good to actually sarge with you and wing with you and we'll be able to work on
getting used to winging together and improving that in the future... I just
thinking of some of the stuff we could have done with those American sets...
damn there where alot of cute American girls out night! what can I say they are
all fleeing American and coming to meet Frankie... I'm also glad I wasn;t that
drunk guy who got Ko'ed and feel down the stairs at the Victory


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