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Foreign language AMOG

mASF post by saprian2

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Foreign language AMOG
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mASF post by "saprian2"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

>re-engage my target, but she
>doesn't bite. What to do?

Happened to me once during attract-phase: I just left and came back later. The
guy was just a friend :-) If this guy was gaming her, though, I've no idea what
to do either:
it's one of the coolest AMOG tactics I know. I'm fluent in German and whenever
I find out that some chick speaks German (or is from Germany), I immediately
start speaking German with her - no matter how bad she's at it. The advantage
is that she'll have to think hard about answering. If she's a native German
speaker she'll have to start thinking again if she wants to include the AMOG
into the conversation (I'm not going to translate what I said for him either).
It builds commonality, we immediately are in "our little world where nobody
else can understand us".


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