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AMOG tactics lead me to confrontation/violence

mASF post by J-Ho

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AMOG tactics lead me to confrontation/violence
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mASF post by "J-Ho"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

On 4/2/05 5:48:00 AM, JacknCoke wrote:
>AMOG tactics, don't make me
>laugh. If you got the right
>kind of frame combined with
>the right attitude and game,
>you'll never need it.

In principal I agree that you should be able to solve all of these kind of
problems with frame control, I will put some planning into how to reframe
confrontational AMOG behavior.

>apart from that I want to
>respond to this because I
>think all these aggressive
>confronting fools should know
>that there's one golden rule:
>You will meet the wrong guy
>one day.

If you have a gang backing you up then you are not afraid of meeting the wrong
guy. That massive guy who I said got beaten with belts and chains, he was the
wrong guy. The boy that got racist to him lost a couple of teeth and a lot of
pride, but still the big guy got beaten up in the end. It is like they don't
care because they know whoever touches them will get back double what they

>And as a side note, raising
>your voice to come of
>'dangerous', is a sign of

I know what you mean in that a glance filled with intent and malice can be
louder than an uncontrolled shout, however when I raise my voice I do it more
with my eyes and my tonality, like I'm getting into character, kind of method
acting. I consciously raise my voice for intensity rather than in the
instinctual way that an animal shouts.

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