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AMOG tactics lead me to confrontation/violence

mASF post by J-Ho

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AMOG tactics lead me to confrontation/violence
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mASF post by "J-Ho"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

I am in the final year of high school, and I often sarge chicks whilst in
school now. The problem with this is the vast number of AMOGs, especially
hanging around the better HBs. There is a very bad atmosphere in my school, in
that you get a lot of 'who are you looking at', 'don't touch me fool' and all
that shit. Basically there is a lot of physical intimidation, even when you are
not being intentionally confrontational, and this atmosphere is mainly caused
by racial divisions between the black, white and south asian male populations.
You even get out of the blue violence, eg. I got happy slapped. (If anyone
doesn't know what that is then I can post a short definition)

These racial divisions do not extend to the HBs though: they are competed for
by the whole alpha male population regardless of colour . To illustrate, one
guy I heard said 'If it's a black man (mimes shooting a pistol), if it's a
woman, I don't care it's all good'. (I want to point out that I am in no way a
racist and I keep out of this shit as much as I can, I am white but at least
half of my friends are black and asian)

Often I am afraid to use any kind of AMOG tactics, as they are are mostly
mildly confrontational and will probably lead to either a fight or one of us
losing face by backing down. Although I am sure that as a martial artist I can
win a fight with the vast majority of these fools, it is incongruent with my
character and morals, and besides it could lead to them calling in their
(armed?) backup or pulling a knife.

I am also reluctant to use the 'you are so cute' kind of lines as these can
lead to 'do you want me to smash your fucking face in faggot?' type responses.
I get this despite using a comedy/non-serious tonality.

One response that I have tried is that if a few of my friends are there and an
AMOG tries to start on me, then I will start on the AMOG as though I am also
looking for a fight, really shout at them and act intimidating, and then I'll
laugh like it is all a big joke and we were just fooling around. My friends
have seen me do this before so they will laugh as well, and the AMOG will also
laugh to avoid looking slow or looking like he doesn't get the joke (very funny
when it comes off, as he begins to believe with hindsight that maybe it really
was all a joke and laughs and plays along, but we are in fact laughing at him).
This is very risky though, as I have had an AMOG throw a punch before I got to
the 'punch line' of my 'AMOG routine'.

I have also subtly and indirectly put about rumors that I know some Kurdish
gangsters (which is total crap but people will believe anything), and this has
also helped me to reduce the number of AMOGs that are confrontational with me,
however I still get crap especially when I try to game HBs.

Any ideas would be really appreciated, as this is one of the main things
dragging my game down at the moment. If I can talk to the HB without too much
distraction then I do ok, but this issue is really limiting my opportunities to
develop good rapport with HBs without interference.

I think a problem with most of the material that exists on the game is that it
only works on people who are at least marginally reasonable. Sometimes even if
you approach confidently and in a text book way, if you have caught a bitch on
a bad day then you may get a 'fuck off' anyway, not that I would want a chick
like that anyway, but you know what I mean.

Although I will be leaving school in a few months, I could still do with some
help with my 'violent and confrontational AMOG' game for dealing with this type
of person, so if anyone can help...

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