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HB trying to make me jealous kissing AMOG

mASF post by Phenix

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HB trying to make me jealous kissing AMOG
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mASF post by "Phenix"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

On 4/1/05 1:26:00 PM, chicksrock wrote:
>Thanks so much for everybody's
>help on the board so far.

>Tonight I went out and did a
>really solid set with an HB8
Great !)

>I was being the prize the
>whole interaction, and she
>wanted validation from me bad.
Did you EVER think that you should have been letting her validate too along the
seduction process ?
WTF ? Even HB10 must know they are validating.
Yes, you must be the prize, but if you hold her back too much, she will fuck up
in a way or an other.
Remember : you are the prize, but she should earn this prize. Otherwise, you
will finish LTRing with your right hand.


BTW, refering to The Fucking Maniac Plan sections, what had you done
successfully or not done ?


>Some AMOG walked passed (that
>she knew from before?) and she
>kissed him and let him number
How kiss ? Cheek, Smack, or Tongue Down ?

>close her in front of me.
Maybe time you go a little further than peacocking, man.
You are good at this, ok. Now master this so you can dose it.
And go further and CLOSE. You just prepair the ground for the next guy coming,
wake up now !

>My AMOG tactics are shite :( I
>should have greeted him as
>well and told him "oh you know
>my little sister too, I just
>adopted her"
>or something?
Think and Plan. DAFS on those tactics.
Note that you should have been kinoing at this stade, and had this been she
would have not done this, and always block them physically from the rest of the
world when not in a controlled environment. Remember master PUAs saying to
isolate as soon as you have enough rapport ?

>Anyways after that it was
>pretty smooth sailing to
>*close my HB. I was quite
>calm and composed while she
>was fooling around with that
Effective attitude, but you were lucky.
She should not have wanted to. What did you miss in her state ?

>How else better could I have
>handled the situation?
Avoid this by pre planning.
When such things happen, reframe the best as you can and lead the chick
emotions as quick and strong as you can.
Depends on where you are and how HD she is and at what stade you are, but some
examples :
- "Makes me think... " + Perfect Kiss pattering + if you like this, pattern her
being seduced, having her submit to her seducer, and having series of orgasms.
- "Mmm darling I like when you excite me. Makes me wanna caveman you like mad.
Are you legal age ? Are you not afraid from being invaded true by a true man ?"
- "I bet I kiss you better. Let's go to my home, and I'll show you what happens
to your body and lust when _I_ kiss you on this other part of your body"

>Do HB's do this often?
SHB Girls that are both HSE & HD tend to show no mercy if you are lacking on
their key criteria (and they see this better than you), but this can be called
on as bitch testing. And in no way this is a general rule, it seems she was
bitch testing or sending you last-ditch signal to close her because she was fed
up with plucks accounting.
What you must remember is that girls will go on doing this with you as long as
you won't frame & control PU more efficiently.
Remember that the race is : rapport, then emotions, then value, then idea of
both together validated, then horniness. Do each of these as quickly as you
can, escalate tension/intensity.

And by the way even if you like being the prize and peacocking, do not let it
slow your PU, so no more until you are shagging her, ok ? Then you can cocorico
and make her repeat you are the prize, I bet you will find this far mor
satisfying while doing her pussy...
Well, I say this, it's your choice, mine is done ;)


"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed
itself from within."
Ariel Durant

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