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Your Life, Your Temple: No More Bullshit

mASF post by Midnight

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Your Life, Your Temple: No More Bullshit
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mASF post by "Midnight"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, March 3, 2005

One problem that keeps popping up time and time again is a lack of self respect
in those who are trying to make their lives better. This is funny if you think
about it -- they don’t respect themselves yet they’re trying to make their
situation better. In the world of seduction, for example, there’s a plethora of
guys who want to better their situation without improving the whole package of
how they treat themselves and their life.

“If I could just get laid then I would be complete and happy.” If that were
actually true, you could stroll down to a seedy area, buy a hooker, and all of
your problems would take care of themselves as if her rancid pussy juices had
mystical holy powers. The irony is that if you take care of yourself, your
space, your mind, your body – you will get laid (by quality women) a lot
easier. Any successful male will agree that the women will actually seduce you.

Fancy that! I’m saving you all the trouble of learning openers and canned
routines and all the other tripe pollution that’s spewed out by guys who fail
to understand the absolute truth contained within this article.

And the aforementioned problem reflects a similar dynamic between the inner and
outer games: So many guys try to fix their sex lives by working on their outer
game with routines, scripts, magic tricks, palm reading and various other
dancing monkey routines that focus on the outside. If they were to instead
focus on their inner game», they wouldn’t need bells and whistles to attract a
worthy mate. Luckily, I think this ratio is improving as guys are realizing
that you can’t fix an amputated leg with a band-aid.

You can indeed make seduction and attraction extremely easy while still being

Here’s how.

I’d like to introduce a concept that I’ve been playing around with lately

The Magnetic Temple

Your life is a temple -- a holy place for you to rest your aching bones. Yet so
many guys treat their lives, or temple, like a 2 star motel in Vegas.

If you were to imagine yourself as a woman for just a moment and you really
asked yourself the question, “If I was a woman, would I date a guy who was like
me?” Stop and think about it, if there was a female version of you running
around out there, and god knows there probably is, would you date her? Does she
have her life in order? Is her temple one that you’d want to visit regularly?
Are her actions and behaviors attractive? Does her temple draw you inside? If
no: why not? What makes an attractive temple?

Look around at your apartment, take a long glance at your body, and think about
who you are as a person. Is your collective temple of all those things inviting
or repulsive? If you’re not happy with your temple’s ambience, what would you
have to do in order to change things? Once you figure that out and take the
(easy) steps required to fix your temple, you’re literally all set for a smooth

Most experienced guys realize and will tell you that if you have boundaries for
what you will or will not accept in your temple, you automatically become more
attractive to women. If you know what you want in your temple of life, you
automatically have the attitude of an alpha male as well which is extremely
magnetic. All the little things on the outside that people claim to be alpha
(slow movements, cocky and funny) have absolutely nothing to do with an actual
alpha unless the male in question actually desires those aspects of his
behavior for himself and not for anyone else.

Let’s think about shit tests for a minute as they are fairly well known in the
seduction community. If a woman gives you a test to see how you react, how are
you going to treat the test when it knocks on your temple’s front door? Would
you invite it in and try to make friends with it because opening your door is
the normal thing to do? Or will you instead treat the test like a Jehovah’s
Witness and ignore it completely because you don’t want their muddy shoes
messing up your temple? Would you even acknowledge it's presence?

How about other alpha guys who try to mess up your temple? Would you keep them
around and try to make them your friend or would you swiftly boot them out and
go on with what you actually want for yourself? It's frightening how many guys
focus on AMOG tactics.

You will benefit greatly in every area of your life if you start to consider
your life as a precious temple where you and only you rule. You are the king of
your temple and you decide what comes in and what you force to leave. That
doesn’t mean you are the king of everyone’s temple, and you don’t need to be
either; all you need to be is king of your own temple and you will get all the
benefits you desire out of life.

And a temple that is clean and properly maintained is extremely magnetic
especially for those whose temple is not as orderly as yours. A woman is hard
wired to seek out a temple that is clean and fit for raising a child. Many guys
have tremendous success with direct game when it stems from a self respecting
attitude because they’re saying to the woman both with and without words: “Hi,
my temple can happily house any woman that I desire and I’ve chosen you to
invite inside. If you refuse, I am not upset for there are hundreds more women
who are wise enough to accept my invitation.”

Now let’s look at indirect game in a similar way: “Hi, my temple isn’t really
up to par and that’s why I need these routines and tricks to try to lure you
inside because it’s obviously not good enough on its own.”

So, look around at your apartment. Do you accept for your temple a messy
apartment and unorganized garbage; what does a messy apartment say about how
you choose to keep the state of your temple? How about your body? Do you allow
a chubby physique or poor hygiene? What about your beliefs and/or behavior? Are
you ok with a low self esteem bringing sadness to your temple? Do you really
want to allow those parts of your life to find a home? It is, and has always
been, up to you.

I suggest that you stop to think about your life as a temple that will
automatically be magnetic once you stop to take the time to clean it up. Sit
down and decide for yourself what you have allowed/rejected in the past and
what you’d benefit from changing in the now.

I, for example, realized that I wasn’t selfish enough. In other words, I didn’t
invite enough positive things into my temple. I was too worried about other
people’s temples to maintain my own. Are you doing the same thing? Are you
worried about what that blonde has had in her temple in the past; do you think
that you’re not good enough for her temple? All of these thoughts are poorly
aimed. Who cares if she thinks you’re not good enough for her life. If she
doesn’t think you’re worthy then she’s obviously not the kind of person you
want to set up camp in your own temple.

Every successful attitude or idea that has come from the seduction community
can be traced back to a powerful and well kept temple and if you haven’t had
much success it’s time for you to take a look in the mirror and really think
about how you’ve been treating yourself.

One last thing... the truth that nobody has pointed out to you is that: all of
you guys reading this right now are gods with amnesia. That’s right, even you.
You’re a god. You’re a god and I say that from the bottom of my heart to the
top of my fucking lungs. You can do and achieve anything you desire, you’re a
god. Start treating your temple like a god would and there’s no limit to the
joy and happiness you can magnetically attract inside.

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