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Some analysis needed

mASF post by aidien flea

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Some analysis needed
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mASF post by "aidien flea"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, March 3, 2005

Had a really fun and interesting night out last night. noticed alot of
things, took some steps forward, and tried some new things that I'd love to
hear some feedback from you guys on. Anyway, lemme fill you in. . .

I usually sarge Long Island 3 or 4 nights a week, cause I live out there by
school. I've been heading into NYC every saturday night though to hit up the
bars and stuff. So I got totally peacocked out last night, pink striped
shirt, black sports coat, clear aviator sunglasses, total rock star / johnny
knoxville style stuff. Went out with two friends of mine, one of whom is
just starting to get into the pick up stuff and the other doesn't really
know anything about it.

My wing who's just starting to learn this stuff has a bug obstacle to
overcome. He was born premature, and had to have a tracheotomy at birth, so
his voice sounds like you would after a night of talking really loudly and
loosing your voice. It's all raspy and doesn't get louder than a whisper. I
told him his voice is unique in that anyone who talks to him will remember
him for it, and he can use it in ways other people can't. If anyone has any
other ideas on how to reframe this issue, I'd like to pass it on to him.

So anyway, we hit up the bars on 2nd Ave. We run set after set, and things
are going for me as they typically do. I've got about 100 approaches under
my belt now. I've gotten my sarge to the point where I can run indirect or
situational openers, do some busting, have fun kwith the girl, etc. I used
to get to the point where I'd not know how to bridge to the next routine or
whatever, and have to eject. Now I just keep rolling on until they leave or
whatever. I opened 10 sets, and 9 of them actually opened. I didn't eject
out of any of them, I just kept rolling until they actually left, or a CB

One of the things I've noticed happening, is I'll open a 3 set, and only one
of the girls will engage me. The other two will literally step back as if
they're gonna let her talk to me, and then one of them will jump back in to
drag her away a few minutes later. One of the worst of these was the 9th set
I opened that night. A HB8 engaged me and was showing clear IOI's, Kinoing
me, touching me while she laughed, etc. She was really into the
conversation, had her hands on me. Of course I'm busting her with hands off
the merchandise, etc. All of a sudden one of the girls who was originally in
the set walks over, grabs her and says "Hey you have to meet my friends."
And she's like "Wait a sec" and the CB is like "No, now!" So anyway she
grabs me and she's like "Wait here, I'll be right back I just have to go say
hello." The interaction hadn't gone deep enough though where I felt it would
be worth waiting for her. If anything I figured I'd see her again. So I went
and helped my wing with a 3 set he was running. What can I do so that the
whole group engages me, not just one of them? I usually find this problem in
places where the music is mad loud.

Another thing that started happening regularly that hadn't been an issue up
to last night was shit tests. I was getting shit tested on my sunglasses
left and right. One set asked me why I was wearing them , I told them they
were prescription (bad answer!) They didn't bite. What I thought ran better,
was a set who actually said to me "I don't like your sunglasses, why are you
wearing them!?" I said to her "Do musicians wear ear plugs to save their
ears?" She says "yeah. . ." So I go "Ok, so then you'd agree that it's fine
for me to wear these to save my eyes." She's like "Save them from what." I
paused, and looked right at her and said "The paparazzi." She laughed, and
the set rolled on.

Lots of sets went like this, and I kept hitting the brick wall that I've
been facing recently. I can't seem to get my sets to go passed the
attraction phase and move into rapport. So last night seemed like it would
be more of the same, until I ran the 10th set. I was seated at a table and
there was a 3 set behind me, I opened them with "Who lies more?" And then
instead of rolling straight into the G-string story, I asked her what the
best lie she ever told was. From there I got her joking around a bit, and
then started the g-string story. From there we chatted a bit more, and she
actually started seeking rapport with me. Asking me about school, my name,
what I do, etc. She suddenly says to me "Hey, my friends are leaving, I
gotta go say goodbye to them" and went off to the door. Now my friends and I
got up and started leaving a few minutes later, and she's by the door and I
can actually hear her saying "That's him!" all excited to her friends.

This is something that my friends have pointed out to me, where I'll run a
set, no close, it goes nowhere. But they'll be telling me, "Those girls keep
looking at you dude, what'd you say to them." ANd the girls will literally
keep positioning themselves right near me. Is it a good idea to re-open
them? I would assume so, but this is a skill I haven't developed yet. Any
advice on this would be most helpful.

Ran a few more sets after that, nothing really went anywhere. Then something
interesting happened. We were in Penn Station waiting for the train, and I
opened a 3 set. My wing came into set with me, and we're just chatting
having fun. When all of a sudden some dude that was with them showed up, and
without saying a word, he literally slams his body into my wing and
practically knocks him over. The girls and us had been in a closed circle.
This guy musta weighed a hundred pounds more than my wing, and he was even
bigger than me. I decided rather than fight in front of the cops at Penn
Station, let's try some AMOG tactics for the first time. THe guy was wearing
a brown leather jacket with the elastic waistband. I start saying "Dude,
this guys cool, that's an awesome jacket, where did you get it man?" He's
like, "I don't care about the jacket this guy was looking at me funny." I go
"I had one just like it in high school, it was my favorite jacket, how much
do you want for it?" He starts to say something when one of the girls
actually pushes him out of the circle and closes ranks around me and my
wing. The AMOG was totally pushed to the outside and just stands there
silently while we continue running game on the set. Eventually, the only HB
in the set seemed totally disinterested, so we tell them we gotta go to the
bathroom and bounce. In the meantime, our third friend was standing there
watching all this. Apparently after we walked away the girls start SCREAMING
at the AMOG "Oh my god you're such a fucking prick, those guys were so much
fun and you fucking embarassed us, etc." CHA CHING! I love it folks.

Anyway, I'm just seeking to make improvements wherever necessary. I gotta
get out there tommorow night and see if I keep hitting this wall in the
attraction phase, or if I can start moving into rapport more regularly. Any
advice from you guys is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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