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2 ways to out-alpha/AMOG guys

mASF post by No_Limits

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2 ways to out-alpha/AMOG guys
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mASF post by "No_Limits"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, February 2, 2005

I think what you're all missing is the fact that you can get everything you
want here. I reread my post- maybe I drifted on it.

If I see a girl who I want to talk to, I'm not going to avoid her or wait until
some random guy finally decides to leave. I'll talk to the dude- ask him a
question... ignore the chick. You get this guy to laugh. Good, he's on your
side now. Hell, you're not even paying attention to the girl. Meanwhile, the
chick is wondering WHY you aren't paying attention to her.

At this point you have (or should have) demonstrated you are the alpha, that
you have value, and neg'd her by not paying direct attention. You own the
situation from that point forward, and the dude is never going to be pissed
about it. Hell- he has a new friend now.

If you are running AMOG tactics (like the ignore tactic) that are going to get
you shot, then you're by far best off staying to chicks who are alone. I just
see that as limiting.

All it takes is a bit of politics and a bit of finesse and you can control ANY
situation without using force. Force is a result of a loss of control, period.


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