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2 ways to out-alpha/AMOG guys

mASF post by FeelGood

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2 ways to out-alpha/AMOG guys
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mASF post by "FeelGood"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, February 2, 2005

Yep, be real careful with the hard anti-AMOG tactics - there's guys out there
that would shoot as soon as look at you. Try being a little more subtle or
just let him run - half the time he'll take himself out. There's plenty of
women out there to go around...

Tactic number two can work out if your game is pretty strong, so that you show
higher value than the guy. It's also why few guys like to bring there
girlfriends around me. ;-) I've had three friends girlfriends hit on me in
the last week. Even had a guys newlywed wife hit on me when he went to the
bathroom. Hilarious. (And no, I don't take them up on it. I wouldn't do that
to my friends and I don't want to get shot by some stranger over some chick.)

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