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Re: Off Topic: To the guys compelled to post on Playettes

mASF post by Brujito

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Re: Off Topic: To the guys compelled to post on Playettes
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mASF post by "Brujito"
posted on: mASF forum: Playettes Discussion, May 5, 2005

In article <[email protected]>, ancestor wrote:

> I started with a thread with suggestions on club access. She then
> continues to play sarcasm instead of a real debate in my face.

She was actively amogging you. And doing a good job. It looked like
you two were playing love-taps and it looked like you both were enjoying

I only got a hint that she was serious when QS asked about the smileys.

We aren't even supposed to be posting here. And Definitely (Per
FORMHANDLE) not suppose to be gaming them.

I'm just hoping people chill and the playettes start talking about game.

I had a realization. There are no fools mates. Fools Mates are
Playette's Game. I read them and then rewrite them in my head from the
HB's POV. In that context LMR and ASD may be a tactic for DHV.

Whaddaya think, playettes?

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