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Field Report: Mini Bootcamp

mASF post by PimpDaddy

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Field Report: Mini Bootcamp
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mASF post by "PimpDaddy"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, April 4, 2005

Like Razorjack posted before:

It's funny when I hang out with my wings, I usually end up in coaching mode and
that limits the amount of vibing I can do for myself.


I have a new Motto well to be frank Nike got there first 'Just Do IT'

Back to the FR, we were in a bar and I was tired from all the walking we had
done that night[guys we had been doing JUST street approaches during the whole

I sat down in the middle of the bar whilst my wing opened a two set at the bar:

My wing opened the two set using the 'BB table opener'[this is where you place
your hands on the table top and then sit down at the table.

The thing was my wing got so excited that he forgot there was no bar stool
nearby and ended up standing the whole time. I saw this after 5 minutes and
walked up and placed a stool next to him. It took him another two minutes
before he realised this.

I was tired and bored by this stage and watched from further back in the bar as
my wing 'entertained' this two set with lots of stories, DHVs etc.... as
evidenced by the gesticulation of hand etc.

I sauntered over to the bar and just hung out by the bar, I was stood there
leaning back against the bar for a few minutes before my wing noticed my

He introduced me but did not follow it up, so I picked up a bar stool and went
sat with the HBcutey whilst he engaged HBRedboots. I fluffed talked with
HBCute, qualify her with 'I find style in a woman, very attractive quality' and
then said the bar is going to close, lets do coffee later in the week. #Close
her and then ask her what her friend's name as I have not spoken to her.

I pull up my stool in between the girls and qualify HBRedboots with compliment
about how I find intelligent women very attractive. She said she KNEW she was
smart, I just looked at her rolling my eyes 'yeah right'

I #close HBRedboots, like lets do coffee later in the week. It was no problem
to # close her as she seen me social proofed by her friend a moment earlier.

Interesting points about this FR:

I originally had not anticipated in participating but carried on out of sheer

HBCute said to me 'You are so confident and smart[as I was ringing both their
#s so they could have my # as well] I just ignored it and smiled.

HBRedboots tried to shit test me alot, I just looked at her and rolled my eyes
as if she was like my 4 year old niece.

Guys when you are in set, you should not be so tranced out such that you are
not aware of your environment and more importantly be alert so you can SELF
Calibrate ie recognise what you are doing and KNOW what behaviours you induce.

The whole thing took less than 5 minutes to #close HBcute and less than 1
minute to #close HBRedboots, bearing in mind that my wing had been with them
for over 15 minutes in total!

My wing was 'entertaining' them with stories etc but that's all he was doing,
entertaining them and not being the dominant male.

I used no DHVs and minimal anything, my body language said it ALL.

Last word to my wing, sorry Bud but you not having any day2s with either HBcute
or HBRedboots as you did not #close them at all or make any attempt to either -
I hope you LEARNT from this as it was gentle INADVERTENT amogging on my part.

Amen PimpDaddy

Putting the 'N' in Natural

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