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Woodhaven: how do you phrase SOIs?

mASF post by Heisse

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Woodhaven: how do you phrase SOIs?
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mASF post by "Heisse"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, March 3, 2005

I assume you're not trolling here and genuinely didn't understand. I'll get
educational :) Woodhaven is a big boy and can talk for himself, but I'd use
AMOGging in the same way and here's why:

On 3/22/05 8:43:00 AM, hottunger9 wrote:

>>I love myself, and I love
>that's called "lust", not
>"love".. at least be honest..

You put words in his mouth. How do you know his tastes? Maybe he does love
women and hate bitches?

>When I walk up to a
>"I'm already in love with
>>her, "
>what? b/c she has tits & a
>pussy? you know NOTHING about

Maybe he meant "I imagine I'm in love". Maybe he approaches a specific type of
girls, he loves that type and he loves this particular one because he knows
what she's like, approximately. Anyway, let's say he wasn't precise in his

>If you walked up to Karla
>Homolka in a bar I guess you'd
>"love" her at first sight
>(she's not too bad looking)..

Hook. You presume something: that he'd approach a good looking girl.

>BTW, if you didn't know, Karla
>Homolka is 1/2 of the
>"Schoolgirl Killers" pair who
>killed at least 3 young girls
>in Canada (one her own
>younger- 14 -year -old-
>sister, (...)

And she'd be a horrendous killer. SO, Wooodhaven would love a killer from the
first sight. That's what your post boils down to. That's a verbal attack, even
if you didn't mean that way and he can defend himself whichever way he pleases.

>Interesting & educational how
>the "AMOG" tactic is often the
>preferred response, rather
>than simply answering a legit
>question, the answer to which
>may expose the fact that your
>original statement was full of
>shit.. ;)

You didn't ask a legit Q. A legit Q would be "How can you LOVE a girl without
knowing anything about her or how can you convince yourself that you love a
girl?". You didn't even say "What do you mean by XXX?". Your post was an

>But we all know that in our
>society, style trumps

I hope I answered on substance.

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