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Re: Got # - now WHAT?

mASF post by Dimitri

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Re: Got # - now WHAT?
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mASF post by "Dimitri"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, March 3, 2005

Hey Hottunger,

I think maybe you got it twisted a bit, my man. For example,

On 3/4/05 2:22:00 PM, hottunger9 wrote:

>- being macho, "walking like a
>gunslinger", pushing people
>out of your way,

Those three things are completely unrelated.

-Being macho (a good thing in moderation)
-"Walkling like a gunslinger" (read the post about it)
-Pushing people out of your way (a jackassedy behavior that I don't think
anyone is advocating)

Really, I wrote to calibrate, and be a person that commands respect, and then
people will move out of your way. Nobody's pushing anybody.

>- "AMOGing" guys, treating
>other people like shit,

These are also unrelated. I don't like traditional amogging techniques, but no
one's talking about treating other people like shit.

>You can't tell me you haven't
>noticed the MANY posts saying
>or implying the macho, "ALPHA"
>approach is required..

It's advocated, to an extent, because it works, to an extent. You balance it.
You don't walk around like a 'roided up musclehead all the time. Instead, you
move confidently, act dominantly, but also stay *cool*. You be easy, you relax,
you even get a little mushy if you want sometimes.

ijjji's post is a good one. He's being playful and flirty and making the girls
want more. He's basically being process-oriented instead of results-oriented
(he's just having fun, the girls push to make something happen). It's a great
approach. It works. Kudos to him.

It also doesn't mean that he's not macho. I'm guessing ijjji looks like a
badassed guy, and acts like one. But he's got a cute side too, and the women go
crazy because he's so multifaceted.

>I even read shit with guys on
>here basically challenging
>each other to meet and fight;
>in the archives there is even
>an exchange between no less an
>"Illuminati" than Mystery
>himself and someone,
>challenging to meet up &
>"throw down"..

Apples and oranges. Challenging someone you met on the internet to a fight is
just pathetic. You've got to sort out the good information about acting like a
man, from petty bullshit like fighting. And just because one guy said something
like that, doesn't mean it's widespread, good advice.


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