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2 ways to out-alpha/AMOG guys

mASF post by PlayerSupreme

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2 ways to out-alpha/AMOG guys
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mASF post by "PlayerSupreme"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, February 2, 2005

On 2/15/05 11:21:00 PM, jlaix wrote:
>Okay, here's the deal... I
>hate it when I see these posts
>saying, "You're gonna get
>killed by AMOGing!" because,
>IMO, this is nothing more than
>alarmist frothing at the
>mouth. This is the kind of
>crap that discourages new guys
>from using these very REAL,

1. have you ever bounced a day in your life. If you have then how could you
say this.

2. don't take my word for it I do belive our very own Gunwitch has bounced
also. Once we were talking about how we each got stabbed. And in each
situation it was over some dummys and a girl.

3. I guess this is the difference of living in the fag capitol of the world San
Francisco. No offense. Jlax.

>It's like saying, "Oh, don't
>fuck chicks, cause you might
>get one pregnant or get an

1. Getting stabbed and a girl getting preagnant and STD's have no revelance.
Have you ever been stabbed? I am carrying a nice scar on the center of my
torso and I have two punctures over my left kidney.

2. I don't mean to throw a monkey wrench into the whole gay assed amog shit,
but to me it is still pussy shit. I respect my fellow players. Instead of
trying to steal their action I've given em pointers if they lose out.

3. This whole negative thing comes from fear. Fear of not having this or that
or enough of this. Nothing good comes out of negativity.

>Is it possible? Yes. Is it
>likely? No.

Once again you don't live in the real world. Next time there is some fool shot
in Sacramento or stabbed over a female I will post it up here for you too see.
>You're more likely to get hit
>by a bus than you are to get
>Are you gonna stay in your
>home for the rest of your life
>out of fear?

Oh brother! It's nice that you want to defend your boys td's shit. But as I
said I'm sure his game is good but this is one area where I disagree!
>Let me make another
>distinction here for these
>dudes saying "Why you gotta
>tool people were you a NERD in
>high school nyahhh?": I don't
>tool people unless it is

I personally have NO idea what your talking about when you use the word tool.
Sorry went way beneath my radar bro.
>If I'm gaming a girl and
>there's some guy in their
>group, fine. He can watch as
>long as he doesn't interfere.
>I'll ignore him and run my
>shit. If he starts to talk
>shit, well hell... GAME ON
>BUDDY. I'll even warn him for
>chrissakes, "Dude... don't...
>I'm good."

And by saying "Dude .... don't ...I'm good." in front of the female do you find
her still standing there after you two yahoos quit dancing?
>Worse, what are you gonna do
>when a random player intrudes
>up on your shit and tries to
>steal your girls? I personally
>don't do this

Wait...all this and you don't even do it???

(hell, if I find
>out a guy is there with his
>GF, I usually back off.. not
>do I go for married chicks...
>although AMOGs will lie about
>this shit to discourage you
>lol), but it HAPPENS. On the
>other hand, I believe I'm
>entitled to the things I want,
>so I'm not about to let some
>assclown standing there and
>incompetently gaming some girl
>discourage me from attaining
>my goals.

LOL...ok. And what ever happened to help thy fellow man. You could use that
as a opportunity to teach him something. Instead of the other thing.
>Now. How many guys are gonna
>fight? Not many at all. When
>you're talking about real



it's a situation of
>game recognize game... and let
>the best man win. It's only
>the AFCs that get all pissy
>because they know they're
>desperately outclassed and
>it's all they have to resort
>to.'s obvious Jay that your only speaking your opinon. A opinion that has
no revelance in the real world. Just an opinion.

In a perfect world you might be right. But last time I checked..folks are
still dying left and by's still happen and innocent kids are
getting shot down...

I am starting to see a lady cop who lives in Fairfield as you know near the
bay, but she works the east oakland beat...yeah that tough.

If you ever think men and women cannot act like fools up in a club let me know
I will hook you two up so she can set ya straight on a few things....
>If the guy seriously intimates
>that he wants to fight, I
>defuse the situation, "Whoa
>dude... I'm just playin
>around... I'm drunk... I'm
>drunk..." and back off.

WHAT...OHH HELL NAWWW!!!! You'd pussy out after all that fake assed alpha bull
shit? Man wtf!

Let me say this. If your man enough to try to steal anothers game then you
better be man enough to put his ass down if HE decides to act stupid. YOu
can't control how other men will react. To think so is dumb!

>chicks think the guy is a
>fuckin tool and I usually get
>her number later on when he's
>not looking, or in some cases
>leave with her when he's not

Ok now your stretching shit here don't ya think. I have never seen a woman
respond well to cowardice.

A year or so ago I was with a date at a resturant. The waitresses had lined us
up to wait on the floor for a table.
My long coat touched a couples table

The man pushed me instead of asking me to move slightly.

I turned and looked at him and said
"mutha fucka do I know you"

He responded with:

You coat was touching my table.

I said "well I'm a fucking man and you can ask me to move"

He responded with some kinda fake alpha thing to impress his girl.

"ok tough guy"

I warned him that in another part of the city he coulda got his white ass shot
and that he should think next time

I said this as I stood over him.

He shouted " get away from me" like a bitch and pushed me

bad mistake.

I went off. I couldn't stop myself.

I jumped dead down his shit.

I called him a faggot and told him to stand his faggot ass up like a man.

The whole resturant had stopped.

He yelled at me some lame shit about breaking my parole.

I told him I was going to break his fuckin faggot assed neck and to stand the
fuck up and be a man bitch!

He shut the fuck up and coward as I continued to rant for a minute.

I looked at his girl and saw all of her respect for him gone!

I also had the fastest service I've ever had at that resturant.

My point is you don't know when someone is going to snap or what will push
their buttons. If that fool hadda stood up, woulda beat the shit outta him in
front of his girl.

This is why I am against that fake alpha shit. Cause real alphas don't play
that shit!

You gotta remember that real alphas are a gene left over from VERY PRIMITIVE
TIMES! Fuck society and it's rules. When you push the buttons all that shit
doesn't even exist anymore. It's just you and me and I intend to be the last
man standing by any fucking means dig playa!

The chicks that
>actually think these guys are
>"ALPHA" or some shit for
>wanting to fight a guy who's

Wittier will win you an asswhoopin real quick too. What I'd say to the
potential Amoggers...learn to fight just incase.

or better at game than
>them are seriously insecure
>themselves, and thus it's
>probably BETTER that they've
>screened themselves out in the
>long term.

Of course your better at the game. Those fools out there dont have this
training. So they also don't know that it's only a game...which is further
proof that you should proceed carefully with this shit.

>Finally, if push comes to
>shove, be ready to actually
>fight the guy. Have I been in
>fights over this kind of shit?
>Yes. But it's so fuckin rare
>as to be insignificant. Think
>about it. I've probably AMOGed
>thousands of guys. How many
>times has it resulted in a
>scuffle? Twice or three times.
>I'll take my chances. This is
>LIFE, not a hermetically
>sealed bubble. Haha like I'm
>standing there thinking, "The
>law shall protect me!!"
>Bullshit. Lex Talionis is the
>only law... law of the jungle

Didn't you state above...yell I'm only drunk...I guess it didn't work everytime
for you huh. Your post has me rolling in laughter right now pal.
>I just get sick of these guys
>fearmongering and saying all
>this shit like, "AMOG tactice
>will get you KILLED!!!" It's
>just not very likely AT ALL,
>especially when proper
>calibration is applied.
>Remember, the proper use of
>the AMOG tactics has the
>appearance of someone just
>busting chops on their boys in
>a very friendly, amusing
>manner. There's no "glee" or
>enjoyment being taken in the
>AMOGing, it's just the game

LOL, ok. So real amog you do to your buddies? Maybe I don't understand what
amogging is.

I thought it was where you go and horn in on another guys game. A playa that
you don't know.

But your suppose to do this kinda shit to your buddies?

Well I'd be lying if I said I never did this amogging or at least the way I was
thinking it should be.

Years ago in Vegas. A girl was dancing with another black guy. I felt
invincible back then. I caught her eye favorably and walked over to them on the
dance floor.

I started dancing with her from the back and totally ignored my fellow brotha.

I took the woman from him and went back to her room against her sisters request
to stay away from me

I fucked the shit out of this married woman and continued to see her for a long
time after that.

some of her emails to me:

I got so excited I turned on my computer and it said I had one e-mail I thought
it was from you it was from some stupid Red dragon football thing that's what
I get for hoping. what's the saying silence is power you have all the
power baby

LOL:LOL: Oh god baby boy you crack me up. Good thing your a smooth talker huh!
God I want to kiss you soooo bad right now you fuckin drive me crazy even
through an e-mail.

I miss you baby boy and I want to hold you.......

Stupid is going to be gone this weekend.......what are you doing????

My point in showing the above is to offer proof of this happening.

My final point is that nothing good has ever occured with us. Her husband is a
high roller in vegas. Actually was since he owes them $750,000.00.

The two of them went to Shacks Birthday party and taye digs was there and hit
on an example of the kind of society they rolled in.

He was getting ready to have me killed when she found out about it. He is
lucky that I didn't find him first before she squashed it.

I lied to him and told him that we never boned, just to keep the peace and
taught him how to actually listen to his wife.

No piece of ass is worth dying over Jlaix!

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