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Back to basics: Ioi‘s and how you didnt capitalize

mASF post by rp_5150

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Back to basics: Ioi‘s and how you didnt capitalize
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mASF post by "rp_5150"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, December 12, 2004

On 12/27/04 1:27:00 AM, gregory wrote:

some of the below are AI's.
all of the below are ones i have gotten in REAL LIFE.

.. if they approach & then backturn. especially if
she EC's first. ex: half the bar is open, but they
chose bar stool one down from me, then "feign disinterest"

.. fiddling with hair, earrings, clothing, etc

.. playing with objects in hands (like a glass - swirling
wine for ex.)

.. attempts to disqualify you for their own superego - ASD
("you're too X" or "your X is too Y")

.. walking by you and saying loudly, "X guys suck."
where X = description like you (i.e. "blonde" or "white"
or whatever)
(YES i even have that one written in my journal - after
chicks got pissed i did not approach - hopefully none of
you guys miss things THAT much)

.. chick approaches you & any stupid question she asks,
i.e. "do you know a guy named X", "did you go to X school",
"where is XYZ", "didn't I see you at XYZ", or anything.
note, huge BL difference between genuine tourist asking
"where is XYZ" and IOI opener version, especially
facial features.

.. (obvious one) EC look: she EC to your eyes,
then to your shoes, back to your eyes -- this one is
way out on a limb - super gutsy - for chicks

.. (got this one on Wed.) i got out of my car and chick
who was smoking in parking lot starts tapping her foot
about 5 times loudly. (not "i'm bored" but "hey notice me")

.. (got this one in bar on Mon.) EC to my eyes, her EC
lowers to her own feet, then she looks back & giggles
(shy girl AI)

.. you walk by and suddenly she puts away her cellphone
and turns head away from you (got this one in bar
on Sat.) - note accompanied by nervous BL

.. she sits anywhere near you with back towards you or
"not open" to you, but hardcore looks over her shoulder,
not at you, but "past" you
(got this in bar few times 2 weeks ago)

.. she sees you walking up & she twitches nervously
or goes into 'nervous' mode
(as seen in junior highs everywhere :-) tho I see this
regularly with chicks less than 20 y/o or even shy chicks
less than 30 y/o) - this is where she's nervously thinking
"omg what does he think of me"

.. she lets her clothing expose more skin towards you.
ex: chick has blouse on where one side keeps falling
off her shoulder, rather than adjust properly, she allows
it to fall off on shoulder nearest you (repeatedly).

.. she adjusts her tits/bra in front of you
(i think they were fake.. should have followed up this
one big time)

.. she suddenly finds everything you say funny, even
normal stuff like "hey this chair is comfortable"
(girls are dorks, huh)

.. she 'parades' - gets up from place near you,
walks past you (aimlessly), sits back down.
(most hardcore case i saw of this recently was a chick
I had opened who "disqualified me" but then did this walk
3 times in one night all the way up/down a aisle of
an otherwise EMPTY theatre.)

.. she walks away - except she kinos first and smiles
at you while she walks away (like "follow me" invitation)

.. she purposely moves her stuff (purse, phone, cigs, etc)
near you, then leaves or 'parades'

.. she EC's, then ignores you, then blasts any other dudes
who approach her, and each time a dude leaves, she EC's you
(see chariot's recent "amogging" post, similar to that)

.. she takes off her jacket/sweater/etc and arches her
back to stick out her tits, basically so you can check
out her rack (chicks do this to me in bars
sometimes. ok, maybe once is "she's stretching".. but
multiple times from multiple chicks? hardly. unless
theres a chiropractic situation aroudn here i should know

.. she wears cleavage-showing top or low cut pants
and she bends over so you can check her out.
ex: while playing pool, chick leans over pool table while
you're taking your shot. (again a gutsy move by a chick.)

i get so many it is ridiculous, well actually whats
more ridiculous is I dont follow up. i should
post some of my journal entries from when i would
go to bars & not appraoch, & then chicks would freak out
after they sent too many AI/IOI's, like storm past &
yell stuff (6's, 7's, sometimes 8's). sorry ladies.

the big ones every guy should instantly recognize:

.. she makes a wierd comment about how it's warmer
now than it was before (i swear, I get this one regularly.
"hmm, its hot in here.") - usually after sexy talk (ss)
type stuff

.. she overqualifies herself "oh, i love X !"

.. she tells you where she lives w/o you asking
(ok, duh)

.. she offers wierd information about herself without
you asking (including "i have a boyfriend" said in
friendly tone)

.. she starts a wierd routine on you (ex. "check out
my thumbs, aren't they wierd, they don't match, see")

.. she tells you, "slap my ass. hard."
(hi nico, where ever you are.)

.. she asks you on a study date or to help w/ her homework
(guys - i would go on study dates, and ACTUALLY STUDY)

.. especially if when studying she then says,
"hmm.. looks like I'm done already" (YEAH - i missed
that one too - hi D. at least we got on later.)

.. especially if when studying she then says,
"i'm tired" and lays on her bed.
(YEAH - missed that too. sorry E. :-( )

.. if she's ddb and says ANYTHING, especially if it's
totally NONSENSE (ex. "I like doors that swing.")
the more illogical the better apparently.. failure
to fire on any logical cylinders :-)

.. if she starts acting like she's six years old on
a grade school playground, ex: running, skipping, grabbing
your stuff, hitting you, eating your food, throwing
stuff at you (napkins or fries or etc.), messing up
your hair (cant count the # of chicks that did that
to me in the past)

.. if she shows a wierd prodding interest in you,
more personal the better, like picking up YOUR cellphone
& scrolling through your phonebook - or continually
basically harrasses you with q's about your life
(happened many times in social circle)

.. she brushes her tits against you (no kidding)

.. if she spontaneously offers to give you a ride anywhere
(ex. social circle ljbf offers random XYZ out of the blue.)

.. if she invites you to stay the night "as ljbf" but then
won't let you get to sleep (duh). "want X? need Y?
wait.. tell me about XYZ. tell me about ABC. are you
comfortable? need another pillow? (etc)"

.. if she asks you to light a candle or she lights one.
(hi M.)

.. if she's driving & stops at an ATM to get
cash to pay you (funny story)

and a real blatent one:
she gets her dude friend to open YOU.

again, these are real from my life, didnt make anything
up here.

-- robert1

"" Most people that are naturals are because of their conditioning!!!!! ""

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