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Outing Report: PUA Roadtrip: Aberystwyth

mASF post by brainfreez

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Outing Report: PUA Roadtrip: Aberystwyth
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mASF post by "brainfreez"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, December 12, 2004

After first meeting, Darren (I Am The Future), Magnus and I coolly strolled
into the Weatherspoons. Darren froze at the entrance for a good minute to spot
every set with an alpha gaze, then proceeding to check out the entire place for
sets. Magnus and I chilled at the bar and he immediately got started on a two
set. By the time we had ordered our food I had approached three girls and
enquired about their attraction to David Bowie. Just three players getting
into state.

After a failed attempt to intercept some American Football team cheerleaders at
a social event, we find the two-set Magnus talks of in his FR. My wings
arrive, including one who is a HUGE natural, and Magnus and Darren have fun
analysing him for a while.

We hit the union and on the dancefloor Magnus opens by simply grabbing a
passing girl and dancing with her. This is real big fun, and the girls find it
hilarious too. He and I do this on every passing girl until we decide to hit
the quieter room and run some verbal.

In the more chilled room of the union I'm running game on this girl I know, who
is with her boyfriend. While I game the set Magnus gives me some in-field
advice on my posture with a deference that would make even the most pig-headed
WBAFC nod with agreement. After a small amount of canned material I find her
hands all over my ass, which her boyfriend eventually notices and begins to
physically AMOG me and split me from the girl. Magnus enters the set and
begins to grab his attention, but he's onto our shit and gets his girl out of

I dealt with the AMOGging by simply laughing. It wasn’t phasing me and I
stuck to that frame. The boyfriend and his friend came back later some heavy
physical and verbal AMOGging, but I simply laugh at whatever they throw at me
and stuck to that frame. To stop the AMOGging happening again you have to wait
until the guy (or girl) is with friends and make them look stupid in front of
them. They mostly won’t mess with you again, but if they do, you wait to get
them back in front of their acquaintances. Props to Alessandro for that

Over the room I see Darren and my natural wing gaming up a 2set, and these two
apparently have some good game going. Later we all team up for a gigantic PU
assault on every set that left the club.. This was real good fun, and street is
where Darren really shines. We hit up so many sets.. I can only remember
prowling outside the club approaching 3-sets for a good half hour, and getting
a real good sarge with a lone wolf, only to have a dragaway appear from nowhere
and spoil it. I learnt a huge amount of body language from Darren here.
Magnus and I also had some fun corrupting Christian Union HB's (that one girl
was SOOOOOO fucking adorable Magnus!)

All in all a fun night. Tomorrow the real good game flies.

On our second day we do street, and I open the infamous Avril Lavigne lone wolf
(On Magnus’ command) with “Who Lies More”. Watch the vid for my body
language.. I open almost with my back facing her, and face her only when she
engages, like you all saw in Darren and Hoobie’s street sarges. I also lean way
back and I was so comfortable in the set, which is one of the reasons she venue
changed so easily, and seasoned guys will know how important being comfortable
is in the sarge. After mildly qualifying her, I transition to Thong story, and
David Bowie, including a sweet add-on I have called the Old Guy Attraction test
(Watch out for stacking openers like this, you will become a dancing monkey,
i.e. overgame the set). I overdo the “you’re too slow” high five thing until
it becomes funny again, and venue change to a nearby bench with

“Have you played the game Strawberry Fields? Ok, we to sit down to do this”

I do some more rapport; talking about her college degree and what she likes
about it. I add some humour and again callback the “you’re too slow” high 5
thing (Ok Magnus maybe I overdid it just a bit), she does it back on me and
slams her arm off the bench! I kino her and bust her on this.

We do some more convo and after 10 minutes she mentions the boyfriend. I feel
bad about intruding in this girl’s relationship for some reason and I slightly
go out of state, (I Am The Future and Magnus gave that inner AFC a final kick
in the junk when we discussed this later).

Remember: my presence in her life will make her so much happier. She wants me
to have sex with her, but our society prevents her. When she mentions the
boyfriend, it is simply her saying “I really want to feel the feelings you can
make me feel, but the society we live will punish me for this.. So take the
guilt away taking control of the situation

I boyfriend destroy with “Well you can bring him if it makes you happy… Does he
make you happy?” and I reveal some insecurity in him with “Does he get

That last one especially flew well, but alas, that inner AFC was still whining
for some reason and I ejected.

Man, this girl was mine. Instead of ejecting, I would have gone for some real
money rapport, and venue changed to a nearby coffee shop or to my nearby flat
to show her one of my books or play miniature pool etc. Of course, telling her
I’d then have to throw her straight out ;)

We sarged for the rest of the day, and I sarged with Darren lots and we had a
real good time making the video. It was Magnus and Darren who really came out
with the hot shit on this day, so I’ll let them cover the rest.

On the morning the guys left I had been dreaming of sarging, I’m getting so
obsessed with this right now :P

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