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Amogging, in different social contexts

mASF post by BigDog

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Amogging, in different social contexts
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mASF post by "BigDog"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, November 11, 2004

Perhaps this has been covered before on the board prior to my signing up, but
her goes, anyway...

I have learned that different Amogging tactics are called for when you are in
your social circle or a friend's social circle, than when you are running club

A couple of examples:

At a party, but I didn't know any of the people other than the people I came
with. They introduced me to their friends who were throwing the party. It was a
Halloween party, but I didn't wear a costume, nor did my natural friend. I wore
a Quicksilver black button down short sleeved shirt, and a pair of black pants.
As I walked into the yard where the keg was located, this AMOG or AFC,
whatever, says, "what are you supposed to be, Johnny Cash?" I say, "yeah, how'd
you guess?" He comes back with, "you look old enough to be him, too." I came
back with, "You know what they say about older guys?" He says, "what?" Me: "WE
make more money, AND fuck better!" He turns AFC on the spot and say, "yeah,
I've heard that before." lol! Wasn't too much later, before an HBblonde was
busy chatting me up. Unfortunately, didn't get a chance to demonstrate my older
guy skills first hand with her!

Another Halloween party the next night:
Context: Friends/acquaintances of my friend. I know a few of them.

Showed up dressed stylish casual. No costume. People asked what I was supposed
to be. Said, "I dunno." They're saying, make something up. I came back with a
kind of smart ass statement: I'm a lawyer dressed casual for a night on the
town." People seemed to be avoiding me like I had the plague. Maybe I came
across as arrogant, but I didn't really give a fuck! Shot a couple of games of
pool. stood back and just looked on without pervy comments or drool on my lips
when to HBs were pulling down their tops and comparing their nipples, out on
the balcony, on a chilly night! lol! Other guys were crowding them, and taking
photos with their cell phone cams.

Later, I wasn't feeling too good, upset stomach from lack of sleep the night
before, hung over, overindulged, drank too much beer out of the keg too fast,
etc.. People made rude comments, obviously directed about me. BHS stuff, AMOG
shit, because very few chicks at this party, mostly guys.I ignored the
comments, and just stayed laid back, and relaxed, despite my discomfort. I
talked to a few people like nothing was up. No sulking or withdrawing. While I
was sitting out on the balcony, waiting for my cab to arrive and catching some
fresh air, the HB nasty girls came out on the balcony. One of them turns
towards me, and starts pulling her French Maid costume skirt up, until it's at
her waist, showing her panty and stocking clad body and legs. I sat there,
looked her up, and down, and gave her a smile of acknowledgment, but didn't say
anything. She's going, "look at that smile," like they had to get a reaction
out of me.

Later, HB9 blonde in her short, short nurse's dress costume, walks out and up
to the table I am sitting at on the balcony and says, "you're Bigdog, right?" I
say slowly, a yeah. She says, you know your nickname is "the lawyer." I say,
"yeah," kind of indifferently. We start fluff talking for awhile, and my cab
arrives. I left and went home. Next day I realize that I had this same girl
open me before on the rooftop smoking area of a local club. She was asking me
IOI questions about have I ever been married, children, etc. before. I didn't
recognize her, even though I thought she was very attractive the first time we
met. Funny how meeting lots of HBs will do that to you! I think I kind of
recognized her, thought it might be her, but never said anything about meeting
before, or saying something like, "is your name HBblonde?"

At this party, due to social circles I am in or have been invited into, I just
ignored AMOG statements, instead of using standard AMOG tactics. None of the
comments were blatantly disrespectful of me. They would mock something I said
earlier, by repeating to someone else in a oblique manner, yet I "got it."
This seemed to be the correct and stronger frame, based on later actions of

Also, I believe it was pimp#1's
recent post about using a smokescreen of deliberate indifference, to create
attraction or interest with HBs. Seems like the way to go, because at both
parties, I would not try to come on to any of the hotter chicks. I just
focussed on having a good time, and joking with my bros. The HBs would end up
approaching and opening me. Amazing shit! I have internalized alpha walk,
movements and taking up space, so I'm sure that has something to do with it,


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