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Social Anxiety Disorder: The making of an AFC

mASF post by InTooDeep

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Social Anxiety Disorder: The making of an AFC
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mASF post by "InTooDeep"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, October 10, 2004

Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm already putting stuff to use. As for the 5
outcomes, what I should have said is canned material for amogging and C&F. I'm
still going to try the de sensitization. I spent today with a group of friends
and met a few new people.

I'm going to include a mini FR:

A friend invited a few people over after a party. The key players are me, amog,
2 betas, HB7 and the host/wing. The social vibing isn't too bad because of the
close friends. The 2 betas immediately open HB7 and eventually blow themselves
out. When they leave, HB becomes a little more comfortable and begins talking
more. As the conversation continues I see that AMOG is far better composed then
I. His BL is perfect and looks comfortable. The only thing I've been running
the entire night is short-played C&F. Eventually, I become comfortable and
start stepping further into the convo. I and the host start hitting him with
logic questions with forces his attention away from HB. After he leaves, she
becomes a little more comfortable and stories start swapping back and forth.

All and all, what this showed me was when I'm not anxious, I've got some degree
of game and can't really get blown out. HB7 was attractive but the focus was on
the group because I was having a good time with my friends and not really
concerned about the outcome of anything.

By desensitizing, I think I have a chance. Anyone remember there first approach
compared to there approach last week? How much did you improve?

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