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Amogging Tatics Question

mASF post by hector

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Amogging Tatics Question
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mASF post by "hector"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, September 9, 2004

>1- Ignore him completely and
>talk over him if he talks or
>roll your eyes so the girls
>think he's lame, and move your
>body so he's cut out or even
>walk the girls away from him.

Good luck to you with that. I'm certainly not saying it doesn't work, but you
obviously haven't been trying it at some of the clubs I used to go to, where
your chances of having your head smashed would be pretty high with the "move
your body to cut him off" move, or the "roll your eyes" if he actually saw it.
"But then he wouldn't get the girls", you might say. Yeah, probably not. But
these kinda guys that I know, they're way past worrying about the girl at that

This most likely works well on some scared little BMOG, or in more "mature"
settings, but I would suspect that in clubs frequented by red blooded latinos
or middle easterners you are just asking to get your butt kicked.

Plus regardless of nationality, I doubt a true AMOG would be so easily brushed
off by your body moves or rolling eyes. So there's obviously a bit more to be
aware of than the simple canned solution you just offered. In fact, the way
you put it, it sounds more like Armchair PU theory I'm sorry to say.

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