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Amogging Tatics Question

mASF post by DaFirstOTH

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Amogging Tatics Question
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mASF post by "DaFirstOTH"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, September 9, 2004

Ok this Question is for the Good AMOG battlers...I was reading protocool
last FR when he was Amogging guys in lecichester square. He went in to the
mixed set and plowed the girls with material and barely acknowlegded the guys
trying to amog him. It had me wondering about Mysterys Group Theory that you
open the guys first instead of the girls.

So which is a better way to come into a mixed set and blow out the guys?
Group theory or opening the girls only?

Me personally i dont like opening the guys and trying to befirend them, I like
the rush of cutting a guy out of the group. I've done it a couple of times
before my ASF days but now I've learned Group theory i never considered opening
the girls first...So what do you Big shot Amog battlers do?

DaFirstOTH "Its a pimp/playa/hustle baby"

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