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Field Report: AMOGing in Leicster Square

mASF post by Protocol

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Field Report: AMOGing in Leicster Square
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mASF post by "Protocol"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, September 9, 2004

Headed out tonight with Geoff, Jlaix, and a couple other guys. Yes baby, thats
right. We were at the infamous leicster square searching for Amogs to destroy.
Holy shit, when TD says this is the shit that gets your game up, he really
fucking means it. Even though it was a really slow night, the sets that were
hit needed some hardcore game and calibration to continue on.

We reach the place and we're walking around looking for sets to do. Then we
notice that all the sets are guy girl sets so we're like fuck it time for some
Amog battling. I took a second to sit back and pull out my plowing sequence
from my head. This is the type of game where you just stack, stack, stack and
yell at the girls then pull them. I've cut this out for a while due to me
wanting to make my game more solid and "natural".

For the past couple of months my sets would look like this:

Opener---Attract Routine---light rapport---Attract routine---light
rapport---Attract routine---Phase shift---Deep Rapport---Wide Rapport---Deep
Rapport---Wide Rapport---number/F close

Now hitting this kind of scene I had to pull my old "plowing sequence" back out
and hit the sets hardcore. It looks somewhat more like this.

Opener---Attract Routine---Attract Routine---Attract Routine---Attract
Routine---Attract Routine---Attract Routine---Venue Change---Gear Down---Phase
shift as hard as possible into rapport---Number/F Close

I forgot how much fun this shit was. This is seriously the big guns. We'd roll
into sets and have Dudes trying to yell at us, yelling over us, Grabbing the
girls, Grabbing us. It took some hardcore plowing and game to keep the sets

One of the sets, we were walking around and saw a group of 7 Alpha ass black
dudes (sorry about the racial discrimination but the brothers here are damn
fucking alpha.) with 3 girls. I roll in on the set and open the three girls
completely ignoring the guys. I'm running routines while the dudes are touching
me and yelling stuff like hey dragonball z, hey bruce lee at me. I keep gaming
the girls and they get really attracted to me because i don't give a fuck about
the dudes. Then the dudes start screaming stuff like, ohh hes here for the
girls.. i get it.. I call the girls my little sisters, toss them on my arm and
venue change/take off with them. I ended up ditching the girls right when we
got into burger kings because i wasn't that into them and i wanted to do some
more Amog Training.

Another set of hotties we did was 2 guys and 2 girls. Geoff rolls in opens them
and disarms 3 AMOGS, The girls are really attracted to him by the time i roll
in and the attraction thus transfers over to me also when i roll in (good shit
Geoff). I tell a quick story and the girls completely brush off the guys and
attach right onto us. Then the dudes ran away and got a club promoter to come
and drag the girls away by offering them free shit. As the girls were getting
dragged away they were looking back and being pulled the whole way.

Last set of the night was also opened by Geoff. They were at the bus stop that
is nearest to the place that we were staying at. The funny thing was that Geoff
just opened them for the sake of opening them (they were like 6's and 7's) so
we weren't really THAT INTO THEM. Then one of their dumb Amog boyfriends jumps
out of nowhere and starts acting like a retarded AMOG. I bombard the dude with
logical questions and the dude starts AMOGing me. Whats sad is we weren't into
the girls at all and were just being chatty but the dude picked the wrong dudes
to start Amoging. It kind of looked like those bruce lee movies where a dude
would try to kick bruce lee and bruce lee would get in about 5 hits before the
guys kick was blocked.

AMOG: nice sunglasses, what do you need them for in the UK
Me: Holy shit man, this guy knows all the latest styles, look at his shirt, HEY
AMOG: umm.. umm.. verbal joust, this is a verbal joust mate.
Me: i'm just trying to impress you man.
AMOG: blah blah blah (fill in with stupid drunk amog candor)
Me: little bro, i love this guy (bear hug him and put him back down)
AMOG: throws his arm over me. Blah Blah Blah
Me: Counter kino and throw my arm over him. Then I tell him it's so cute the
way he's talking to me and he should do more of it.
AMOG: Awww man, just playing mate. Puts hand out for handshake.
Me: go for handshake but withdraws last second.
Girls: hahaha
Amog: stupid look on his face because he is blown the fuck out.
Amog: tries to persist by coming over and hugging me but he can't do shit
because he's already blown out.
Me: i look at the girls, like whats wrong with this guy
Girls: Stop AMOG you're being weird.
Amog: keeps on blah blah blah Amogging.
Me: ignore him and cut him out. Tell him it was fun and fairplay, maybe next
time he'll do better.

Conclusion: Solid game gets you laid, but running retardedly high octane game
is fun as shit.

This post goes out to all of those AMOGS out there who have been blown out by a

Maybe next time buddy


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