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Outing Report: HollywoodMack and SmoothGuy69 on the Rampage

mASF post by HollywoodMack

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Outing Report: HollywoodMack and SmoothGuy69 on the Rampage
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mASF post by "HollywoodMack"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

Okay Smoothguy and I have hung out a couple times so far and it's a blast.
He is a total freak however .... which makes it that much easier to relate.
Unfortunately I haven't met any other wings of his yet. I dissed them last nite
by flaking cuz I had to get some sleep. Sorry man!

I played my recorder along with him on vocals and guitar on the London
underground. We made a few pounds but he didn't give me any! What a cheap
bastard! But seriously we had such a blast. It was good for me to be pushed
into that all of a sudden and without actual warning. I rocked it of course, I
got mad chops on recorder.

SG was commenting on my superb body language and natural opening skills
(u guys know I roll out on super solid inner game» and improvisation,
situational style). He has a more gangster body language but is also very
improv based. We make a formidable team, I've definitely never had as good a
wing as that.

We sarged this HB8 (foreign obviously, you'd have to search pretty hard for an
English chick above 7.5) at a bus station at 7am after a sleepless nite who
was throwing me IOIs (like virtually every chick we pass on the street... SG
loved my unique peacocking style, basically an Austin Powers look) and she
literally missed her bus so she could give me her number. Texting her and
she obviously needs ma D.

We did a lot of 2sets which is really cool since I rarely roll out with wings
find 2 sets prettty challenging. The other nite, we hung out and got to know
each other, tripping at how much we have in common. Then I went to this
party with beauty contestants and winners. Only club I've been to that
compares with typical Hollywood venues talent-wise. Sarged a 10, a beauty
queen from a town up north in England, opened her on her tiara of course.
Push/Pull, thumb war, wanted to get to cube but got a little AMOGed by a
business dude; she was there for business of course, not necessarily for fun.

She definitely liked me but I didn't have time to befriend her manager so they
left before I could get much farther. I find 9+s the easiest to sarge usually,
cuz they never meet guys who act normal and have fun. Plus I'm motivated to
persist (an SP with me... I don't persist unless she's 8+, even though I should
just for practice. Like an HB I chase the next shiny thing...).

Then afterwards went out with SG for some street game which is his specialty
-- he hates the smoke in clubs and REALLY needs to come out to LA cuz you
can't smoke in clubs there! SG will open like crazy, we barely found any girls
even worth opening, lots of 7 tourists... they are challenging cuz we obviously
have more value than them, and they get suspicious. SG and I both have
trouble toning down our game to be just a little cooler than the chick -- we
are fucking so cool that we are stuck in it. Gotta get more flexible.

The best set was of course the 2set of HSE rich girls from the OC that had
actually been at the beauty contest afterparty. The chick I was sarging was
defo a 9+, petite blonde with a killer body (I know cuz the kino was pretty
constant), gorgeous face. I was fucking hungry and so were they but we
couldn't get them to venue change. I take full responsibility for that -- SG's
8.5 was LOVING him and 9 totally liked me but had a bf so it was basically
flirty friend zone. Next time I'm gonna take the lead more and really wing the
shit out of set so SG can get laid. Nevertheless I did @close the 9, we'll hook
up in LA so she can get some on the side while her bf is pulling in St Tropez
or wherever. I should write her now, thx for the reminder.

We did a lot more sets, which is good cuz I'm not always motivated to open,
need to work on my state control, getting extroverted on command. SG is
really quirky and eccentric, which I think one has to be to really be a
legendary PUA; normal guys are AFCs remember. Which is good cuz I've
always been eccentric.

We had a crazy talk about NLP and hypnosis at like 8am after not sleeping, an
area where I have very little proper skill and knowledge. SG on the other hand
is HUGE in this area. It's pretty tough to get me into a trance but he was
doing it well. I was letting myself fall into the state and he was implanting
some nice stuff in my head, totally appreciate it. I learned a lot, especially
about pacing (which he pointed out I do naturally in regular convo, hehe).
Can't wait to continue our crazy adventures.

The last set I did with him, I was running late for a boat party but he opened
beautiful 8 with stunning blue eyes. My winging was pretty shit and drunk
guy was almost AMOGing a little (not an ASFer so cant blame him). She was in
a hurry and was suspicious once again (value difference) but SG is a master at
persisting and creating attraction. She was totally hooked but I think he was
not able to close. Surely if he didn't have me and drunk guy getting in his way
he would have. She definitely liked him and is probably kicking herself for
turning him down! In fact she and her 6.5 friend admitted they'd never met
anyone like him before.

He has a real aura around him, like me but more mysterious and dramatic. I
have a very strong frame as well, but quite different -- sunny and happy,
while also being strong, intelligent and cultured. Very complimentary.
Walking around London we felt like rockstars and he kept complaining that
we're too good for this town. Haha all I know is I'm having a fucking blast.

I'm off to the Soho Pride street festival! Let's go catch some fruitflies!

Hollywood<i style="background-
Make your move. At worst, she'll respect you for

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