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Field Report: God damn AFCs

mASF post by affliction

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Field Report: God damn AFCs
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mASF post by "affliction"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

We were a little tired of our usual thursday routine, so we decided to do a
little something different last night. My room mate (heretofore known as AFC1)
picked up a 30 case of beer and Natural (the chick magnet) stopped over with
another friend (heretofore known as AFC2). We wacked down the 30 pack and all
four of us left together.

As I said before, I really don't like going out with these AFCs, but one is my
room mate. Natural doesn't care at all, since he doesn't ever really rely on a
wing, and can handle groups by himself w/o any trouble.

First stop is this little outdoor bar on the strip. As soon as we get in I spot
a nice two set at the bar. Both hb7s. Natural walks over and opens the blonde
and I take the brunette. Conversation is very easy here. Both girls are
receptive and laughing it up. The brunette is practically twisted like a
pretzel in her chair just so she can face me and maintain eye contact. We have
them for a good 20 minutes and things are going well until Natural totally
blows it. The two AFCs, who had been sitting by themselves, too chicken to talk
to anyone, suddenly get a surge of liquid confidence when Natural starts
busting their balls for being such pussies and they come over and clumsily butt
into our convo.

I'll tell you, from hanging out with this dude a lot, I've realized that, while
you can learn a great deal from seeing a natural in action, they sure as hell
do some stupid shit sometimes. So anyway we've now got 4 guys talking to two
chicks. It's pretty lame, and the AFCs are doing the "me too" routine to just
about anything these chicks say. I lean back and drink my beer. I can't be
bothered to fight for these girls' attention. 10 mins later, Natural realizes
he fucked up and he ejects to do the same. A couple of these girls' friends
show up a few minutes later and we decide to find a better spot.

We stop at a few places down the road but they're both sausage fests. The last
spot we go to looks decent... atleast from the outside. Once we get in I can't
find a single target. Natural quickly spots a hb7.5 loner and heads over to
open her. I'm looking but I can't find any good sets to open. I see a few good
looking girls but they're all talking w/ other guys already, and I'm not
confident enough in my verbal game to try and AMOG another guy in order to win
a set's attention. Would like to work on that eventually.

Natural's loner ends up meeting up with her friend, so I spot my chance. I walk
over and introduce myself to the friend. Smokin' hot hb8. I fluff with her for
about 5 mins and then get into some very light rapport with her. They're both
in town visiting for the weekend (the strip we sarge along the beach is a big
tourist spot, so that's why most of the girls in my FRs are usually
out-of-towners). Natural's target is single, mine has a boyfriend. Damn. Don't
stop. He's far away. It doesn't matter. I got a lot of buying signs from this
one as well, unfortunately hbloner says they need to leave. She had heard the
two homoboy AFCs complaining about how they wanted to leave, which brought up
her little complex and she now had to leave first.

So they leave but ask us to meet up with them again tomorrow night. Natural
gets a kiss close from hbloner (this fucking guy gets kiss closes every night
we go out) and they're out. And I don't know if it was the 9 or 10 beers I'd
drank or what, but I swear the hb8 chick was looking at me like she wanted my
tongue down her throat as Natural and hbloner hooked up next to us. It just
seemed a little too early to make that move... Natural had isolated hbloner for
a good 15 mins before hb8 showed up, so he had a headstart. :) We opened a few
more sets on the sidewalks as we were walking back to my car, but nothing
really noteworthy.

I'm going to see if I can get a second shot with this hb8 tonight when Natural
meets up with hbloner.

What to work on:

- AFC1 (my room mate, a wbAFC to be specific) likes to jump in way late after
I've already opened a girl. Gotta teach him the proper etiquette on letting
bros isolate their targets. Haven't dealt with this yet because he's only
recently become single and started coming out with us. He's got two strikes and
I'm not letting it go to three.

- Transitioning from fluff to rapport. I can't come up with smooth transitions
to deep rapport. When the thoughts come into my head, they seem too abrupt at
that point in the convo.

- Improve my social skills. It's getting easier, and every time I go out I get
more stories to tell, but my social skills still aren't where I want them. Not
as versatile or fluid as I'd like them. I wish I would have done some
travelling during my life or something like that. Natural is able to handle big
sets by himself because he's always got shit to say about anything and
everything. He could probably talk forever about absolutely nothing if you
asked him to.

- AMOGing other dudes and stealing their sets. Can anyone actually do this with
a decent success rate? I haven't tried this yet. I might wait until next summer
to start doing this. Another hefty bulking season to up my mass. I'm a pretty
obnoxious guy and I suspect it wouldn't take long until one of these dudes is
trying to fight me.

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