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Re: female roommates

mASF post by AtoZ

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Re: female roommates
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mASF post by "AtoZ"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Man did this one ever hit close to home...:)

Take it from a guy who started living with almost strictly female roommates
starting a few years ago, and currently lives with 3 chicks. hehe.

They are tidy, pay their piece of the rent and bills, don't bother me with
silly AMOGing and wash my dishes sometimes. Lol. Beats guy roommates any day
if you ask me unless the dude is your best friend and you have literally ALL
aspects of everyday living figured out.

But having sex with them (except at the point where theyre about to move out
soon) is totally counter-productive. They make great pivots, will do nice
things for you (especially if they secretly or not-so-secretly want you),
bring friends over and apart from being chill roommates also give you status
in front of anybody you bring over, be it a girl or a crowd. Major social
proof, and they don't even have to do anything. I brought many girls over to
my house for a calm 'get together - relax - have comfortable sex' (kinda
along the lines of Dmitri's 'wine, supper and going for gold' style) and
they all mentioned something along the lines of 'ohh you live with all those
women' at some point later. I joke it off saying I rather watch a graceful
girl go around the kitchen when I eat my breakfast cereal than a scruffy,
smelly dude in stained boxers. Gets a good laugh and gives a natural window
for bi-testing :)

Caveat: if a female roommate starts REALLY liking you, she might scheme do
hinder your success by tossing remarks around your girls like 'all those
girls you bring...' 'its the 3rd one this week'.. etc., or worse. Solution:
detect early and avoid. But this only happened to me once and I actually
fucked up by letting this chick like me too much.

Exception: really open minded chicks who recognize what you do and dont mind
(often doing the same). You can even have a sort of wing-relationship with
them, you help them with dudes and they help you with chicks, and on the
nights none of you picks up you can enjoy eachother. This is a very hard
balance to achieve though, I only managed to twice so far, one being an
ex-gf which made things easier. I'd imagine this would totally rock with a
bi chick (as opposed to bi GF, which, while praised alot here and all, can
be a shaky situation emotions-wise), but I havent had a chance to hook this
up yet.

To summarize, Dmitri is right, but if you want to have a hot roommate as
social proof and pivot, Esks's option 3. She moves in, and you do not fuck
her." may not be that bad, especially if she's up for sharing your rent and
whatnot. In time, you might still bang her (reverse SP - she indirectly
socialproofs your conquests like I said above and grows to appreciate your
prowess and 'wonder what all those women see in you'), which might
eventually lead to sex. Happened to me. It's a good idea to time it a month
or two before she is scheduled to move out though, since things can get
complicated ;)

If you didn't want a roommate in the first place, and money is not a factor,
just bang her bro.


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