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Observing Alpha Males.....common traits...

mASF post by PlayerSupreme

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Observing Alpha Males.....common traits...
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mASF post by "PlayerSupreme"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/13/05 6:47:00 PM, LowRider69 wrote:
>Some common traits i've
>#1 Very competitive, strong
>desire to win
>Alpha males don't easily
>concede defeat. They are
>extremely competitive and hate
>to lose.
>It extends pasts sports to all
>areas of life. For example, if
>an alpha makes a wrong
>statement, its tough for him
>to admit the mistake. And even
>if he's wrong, he'll say
>something vague like:
>"yeah, i dunno...maybe...i'll
>look into it"
>" COULD be right"

Exactly!! I'm not saying that I am a alpha male, don't get me wrong. I'm just
a loud mouth braggard.
>Alpha males have huge egos.
>I know 'masf alpha' might not,
>but thats because we learned
>all the good traits and
>ignored the bad.

I don't call the new societal definition of alphas real alphas. I googled my
screen name and found Carlos Xumas using my words in his newsletter cause I
wrote to him about that bull shit he was spitting out about alpha males:


Here's the first email from this guy:

"I disagree with your definition of a Alpha Male. The term represents the
ancient archetype of the leader of small tribes and family's from our caveman

It isn't some nice guy running around in modern society. And for you to say he
lacks aggression??? WTF Carlos. That is totally eroneous. Look at the history
of the alpha male as being the most aggressive of males. That is why nature
selected him to lead and dominate."

And here's his second email:

"what your portraying is a Real Man not a Alpha male. You should rechange your
email to reflect this. Your list of criteria has nothing to do with the real
archetype of the alpha male.

Who was agressive, clever, cunning, viscious and most of the things you said a
alpha male was not.



I get this a lot.

There are a lot of guys who love to challenge my expertise and knowledge.
Apparently, in their little village, they're the experts on this sort of thing.

The interesting thing is that if someone knows so much about a topic, why do
they spend so much effort to poke holes in someone else's work?

Answer: EGO

Too much insecurity and time on his hands.

But I want to address what he talks about because there is some confusion here.

First of all I'm redefining the Alpha Man. (DUH. That's why I capitalized it.
And the term is Alpha MALE when referred to in scientific terms.)

The Alpha Man is aggressive, but not overtly and not in a warlike, animal

You see I'm not trying to elicit men to revert to primal behavior here.

I'm trying to get you guys laid. Not in a gang war.


Some guys just don't get that while we are MEN deep inside, we have EVOLVED.

Carlos has proven himself to be a bafoon to me. What makes him think his little
mouth is a prayer book to re-define some shit?

He thinks cause he studies martial arts that he has it all figured out now.
Here is something his nerd ass won't contemplate. He and I can start studying
a marital art at the same time and I will leave him far in the dust with growth
and skill.

Alpha males are also natural athletes. Stronger and faster with better motor
skill development in the brain. It's the way nature designed the type. It is a
survival mechanism.

The dumb fuck is blowing smoke out of his ass now trying to cover his stupidity
and incompetence.

>Most alpha males have big
>egos. This stems from their
>past success in different
>areas of life.

Say no more.
>Alot of athletes have big egos
>because they relate success to
>sports. I've met alpha grad
>students because they relate
>success to being intelligent.
>The point is, the ego comes
>from SUCCESS.

>Its not necessarily a bad
>thing if kept in check.
>You put two alpha males in the
>same group, they usually don't
>get along.
>And because of ego, they won't
>back down.

I posted that on sosuave and got flamed by the chickens over there. I told em
you can't put two alpha males in the same room and have em get along.

I've also stated that when you put em in the same room there is a pecking order
that is established on a subconscious level. The most dominante others will
naturally show respect too. The least ones will fight it out for dominance.

Folks who aren't part of that grouping have no idea what your talking about
when you mention this shit.
>Alphas enjoy surrounding
>themselves with
>betas...because beta males are
>easier to hang with and they
>don't question authority or
>attempt to run the group.
>Myself, i can't hang with
>certain guys because their
>egos are too big and its a
>clash of personalities.
>I've noticed alpha males will
>poke fun at beta males.

Don Juan Discussion Forum > Don Juan Discussion


Not that I am a alpha male or anything. As I said I'm just a loud mouth
braggardly old man.
>We call it "amoging"
>Sometimes its a light joke,
>maybe about clothing,
>something he said or generic
>In the case of a heavy diss,
>sometimes the beta tries to
>retaliate but he's no match
>for the alpha. If he disses
>back, the alpha will easily
>cut him down. If he retaliates
>physically, the alpha will
>gladly retaliate harder.
Now this is interesting. I've been debating with my buddy. He is a white guy
from a kinda rich family. We were debating what that idiot moderator Casanova
over at sosuave did on this issue:

I told him that folks from lower levels of economic strata would of kicked the
guys ass first and walked away and not called the cops.

I stated that also higher income folks would be more likely to just report the

I then explained to him that aggression is being bred out of upper middle class
and rich white society. Where as minorities such as blacks and mexicans it's
still very dominante within our culture and peoples.

Our convo was much more involved than this, but my point is society is breeding
men who lack agressive instincts. So no wonder an idiot like Carlos is trying
to re-invent the alpha male.

But that isn't a real alpha male. Only beta's will not understand this and
will want to argue the point. In jealousy of being left out they want a way to
join the group. I can feel for them.

It doesn't make it so. It just makes you running around with a fake title on
your narrow chest acting hard.

>My favourite tactic against
>other alphas is
>AssholeAlpha: "Yeah, all women
>are bad drivers, i can't
>believe they let women on the

AssholeAlpha...nice...real nice.
>Me: (silence, ignore)

You know ignoring is a bitch thing to do don't you? Women will get quiet. Men
will fight and argue shit out as men do. As I said aggression is being bred
out of yall.

A man is a being of action. Not in action. Our way is to do things. This is
how our society was created. By men doing things and thinking things then
acting on those thoughts.

Women sat back while we worked our fingers to the bone trying to create for
mankind. They sat back chatting and developing their social skills and
communications skills.

Which are you kid?
>Silence is the most effective
>way to shut-up an alpha. If he
>doesn't get a response, he
>can't do anything about it.

Actually my friend tried this on my the other day in our debate and just sat
there like a bitch listening. And you know he was bisexual at one time.
Probably still is since I told him his faggot shit was coming out and he was
acting like a bitch again.

That silent shit doesn't work on me. I will push a fools buttons until they
are forced to react. Now some egghead will respond with some childish psycho
babble bullshit.

But men we fight and argue and pick ourselves up again and do it again and
again. That is how nature designed us.

Society is trying to re-design man.

>I've noticed alpha males are
>Alot of them have a temper.
>They aren't scared to piss
>people off.
>Keep in mind, these are traits
>from real alpha males i've
>observed and masf alpha
>strives to keep all the good
>traits and minimize the bad
>Being alpha CAN be learned.
>The first step is eliminating
>all the unuseful beta
>behaviors and thoughts.

NO it can't. You can learn to be a real man. But pretending will not give you
extra speed and strength and natural physical prowess or pheremones off the
charts or higher serotonin levels.

You can learn to act more agressive. But it's not your natural thing. And in
a emergency you will ALWAYS hesitate and or freeze up and most likely revert
back to your natural energy.

Why do you think so many fools post how when they get the fine babe they revert
back to AFC or their natural state.

The main thing I hear from white chicks as to why they date us blacks or
mexicans (check the profiles very few will date blacks but many many will date
latinos) is because we are more aggressive than upper class white guys.

They are the ones who started the womens lib shit and are now programming it
out of their males and what do they do

look for it in others!!! How dumb!


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