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Field Report: LMR that couldnt be busted!

mASF post by sn00p

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Field Report: LMR that couldnt be busted!
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mASF post by "sn00p"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

Club, Saturday Night

Standing at the bar and HB6.5 Asian approaches me with something along the
lines of "Hey I'm hb Asian, and just some other general shit". So I start to
fluff with her and when I shook her hand with the intro I held it for an
extended period of time which she didn’t mind.

Initially I thought I was definitely in but I didn’t want to fuck up like I did
a few weeks ago where the chick came in super keen. So I played it cool went
through A1-2 (MM) with her while standing at the bar, and then moved her over
to the wall to chat more comfortably.

While we were talking there, was light kino and I actually kept holding her
hand from the initial meet the the wall move. Ok so now I’m just about to make
out with her and she sort of puts her head down to hide (we had our arms around
each other). So I sussed this out and found out she was seeing some other guy
and she didn’t want his friends to see us making out...I said "fuck that I
don’t care etc" and she was cool with that.

So after I made out with her a few times I moved her to a seated area which I
realised later was a bad move. As soon as I got there, two amogs start going
"YEH MAN GO FOR IT!!!" ETC this was because she was wearing a short ass skirt!
Haha so I vibe with them for as little time as possible which she thought was

While sitting here I established that she was actually chasing me and made a
bet with her friends that she would talk to me by 1am. So now I started calling
her a stalker and sexual predator, but I also realised she was driving and
organised lift but I said only if she doesn’t take advantage of me!

Then her two boring ass friends come along, and I can sense a dragaway so I
take her to a different room, which she was happy about (at the end of the
night she said that was a good move).

In the next room there is a heavy makeout session and I go from A3 then C1-3 as
best as I could. The actual interaction went very smoothly.

Ok so now its getting late and I say we should go. So we look for her friend
which we couldn’t find then went to her car. Just as we start making out in the
car her friend comes she jumps in and I say "you can drop her off
first it will be quicker (this was logistically more sensible for me to try and
get laid) which she agrees to.

When we are in her friend’s street we get pulled over by police and I’m
thinking *fuck she has had a few drinks tonight...I’m going to have to walk
home, get no lay and she will get taken in police car* but luckily the breath
test was fine and we drop her friend off.

On the way to my house I say to her "do you have any good movies?" her "yes
heaps" me "ok lets watch one at your place" then I sense a little bit of
resistance and she’s making excuses like my house is messy etc and I just
ignore and we go to her house.

Ok so we get to her place and start heavy makeout in lounge room while watching
Sponge bob Square Pants haha and I don’t try to touch her pussy for a while.
Just making out, dry humping feeling tits, ass etc.

Now I decide its time to escalate as the heavy makeout has gone on for long
enough, so I go under her skirt start rubbing her ass she is fine with that,
then when I go for the pussy there is a bit of resistance...So I keep doing
this with wash rinse repeat and 2 steps forward 1 back. This is getting me a
little bit further and I do eventually finger her...but not for long as she
moves my hand away. By the way by this time her pussy was dripping wet!

Also important note all the way through this I was saying things like "you’re
not going to seduce me" "you’re a stalker I’m not letting you take advantage of

So this shit goes on for ages with me not making much progress, except I did
realise that she was getting turned on more when I was rough with her rather
than gentle. Eventually we end up in her bed I tried same as above with no
luck, and her panties are soaked by this time...and eventually she tells me she
is a virgin and holds my cock and says its too big. Hahahaha! So I talked her
through this and got her horny once again, then she says something like "Your
so good at this you know exactly where to touch me...You must have had a lot of
practice." and I said "I thought I wasn’t turning you on" (she had previously
said "this isn’t working" which was BS)

This continued on for ages and she then said "If I sleep with you now you will
never see me again, and if I wait until next time it will be better" I
responded with "I wouldn’t do that to you, we will see each other again anyway

So once again the heavy makeout continued and I moved her hand onto my cock
again for hand job which she was loving with the dry sex...and I said "If you
don’t stop I’m going to cum" she said "is that a bad thing" I said "I guess
not"...Proceeded by pulling down her top, exposing her tits then cumming all
over them!

After this she suggested a shower so I picked her up and took her there but she
meant seperate which would have been useless...So she got changed then we got
back into bed. Heavy makeout again with no result.

Somewhere in there was also a massage that I gave her and she gave me to try
and relax her but basically I could not get past the chronic LMR. We arranged
for her to stay at my house next weekend, so the job will be finished then.

Debriefing - When I was lying in bed with her and couldn’t sleep after 3 hrs of
LMR I asked her "What attracted you to me" And she said "When I saw you in the
club you were always talking to hot girls (she thought I had made out with a
few of them), and you knew heaps of people, I also love black guys and you have
a nice muscles (this cracked me up)" She also said that she was going to
approach me a few other times but I was talking to other girls...

Anyway Im stumped...Im very happy with the nights proceedings but Im still not
sure whether I could have fucked her or not, but I tried every LMR technique I
could remember. I think she was either telling the truth about being a virgin
or she didn't want to get fucked and forgotten.

Some minor details have been missed as its now 1030pm and I have only had 2 hrs
Happy Reading!


*Target the excuses in your mind, dont let them guide you. Only then can you

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