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Field Report: Monday Aug 1 - Tough night!

mASF post by Vancity_Rockstar

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Field Report: Monday Aug 1 - Tough night!
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mASF post by "Vancity_Rockstar"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

Tough Night....

Gleb and I decided to head down to Plush. I ended up getting down to the club a
while before Gleb so I got in line and opened two sets that were in front and
behind me in line. I didn't really know what to say after opening them. The
seccond one was a HUGE mixset with like 5 guys. I just befriended the guys and
joked around with the girls.

We got inside and we hesitated a little bit but we opened a few sets. We
couldn't hold any and the girls just seemed to be very stand offish.

I opened maybe 10 sets all night and had trouble holding every one. I think the
problem was that there were way less sets out than usual. So there were 3 times
the guys than there were girls which is the opposite to how it usually is on
this night. I saw the same girls getting hit on over and over again leading to
high high bitch shields.

Actually, there was one good set that I had with 3 foreign girls. I saw this
really really really cute HB8.5 giving me an AI with her two ugly friends. So I
use a friend of mine that is like a 6 and pivot off of her to this 3 set. I
open them and I find out that they are from South America and don't speak much
English. Damn... I try to keep the convo going and was very unsuccessful with
it. They ejected and the HB smiled and winked at me as they left. I re-opened
them later and had the same language barrier problems. If I had my body
language and projection right the language barrier shouldn't matter. I let it
discourage me...

So yeah, set wise not a great night.

But this night wasn't all bad news. It opened my eyes about a few things. First
of all I realize that my state is getting so solid. Gleb and I were just
standing around getting frustrated with the lack of sets and the lack of
success with sets and yet we both still had this wicked super posative energy
that people and especially girls were

We don't look like we are having enough fun. Like we are the shit. We should be
acting like we own the fucking club. Like we just won a million dollares.

Another thing I noticed is that I don't really have a problem with AMOGs
dissing me anymore. This guy I know that is a hardcore gangster type I knew in
highschool was busting on my for my blinking pin and my necklace. He said 'take
that shit off man'. I said 'dude, I love it,
thats all that matters.' and the best part is that a hot set opened me on the
pin RIGHT there after I said that. HAHAHAHA. Later his friend asked me if he
could have the pin...yes.

So later on the sets really dried up and there were few and far between that
were approachable.

I noticed these two REALLY REALLY HAWT like 9+ girls that went to my
highschool. These girls were the hottest girls in H/S. The girls I used to
obessess over. I saw them there with the same 2 guys that I usually see them
with. One shaggy haired bloke that I think is a hockey player (WHL) and another
guy that is a boaring ass looking guy
that is notoriously a snap show.

Both of these guys are notoriously alpha but they were bowing down to this
third guy that was there with them. All three guys were equally good looking
but the guy with the shaggy hair was making such an effort to suck up to this
one guy. The girls saw this and were enfactuated with this guy.

This guy was nothing special. He was very good looking but in a weird kind of
way. This isn't what was attracting the girls to him though. What attracted the
girls was that this guy was so alpha, but he was posative alpha. He moved slow
and would walk away and leave the girls while he went somewhere else. He was
the obvious leader because the entire group would follow him but more
importantly the guy had a smile on his face at all times.

The other two guys were always trying to look mean and had a straight face.
This guy had the alpha characteristics (slow movement, good body language,
great projection and so on) but he always had a smile on his face. This made
him stand out from all of the other AMOGs. He looked
like he was having a great time and the girls were loving it.

I watched these guys for quite some time and I noticed a few important things:

a) Having a posative vibe/energy is key in this game. It makes you stand out
from the throngs of alpha males that have to look tough to try and be cool.

b) If you had AMOG skills you could have taken over this set. I'm starting to
notice that a lot of these alpha guys are very boring and that girls NEED
excitement. Think about it, if you were a HB and you were hanging out with your
one friend and 3 guys the entire night, no dancing no socializing with anyone
else you would be pretty bored
right? Now what if some posative energy - confident guy rolled up that was also
alpha but fun? It would be like a breath of fresh air for the women wouldn't

c) You don't always have to be the center of attention in a group to be the
leader. This guy didn't always talk. He didn't feel the need to be the center
of attention at all times but yet everyone kept looking back towards him
whenever the group would be talking.

Good to know. I think I might have to start brushing up on the AMOG skills and
start approaching mixed sets. There are so many hot hot girls in mixed sets.

A shitty night overall because I couldn't hold anything except for 3 sets (I
can usually hold anything that moves) but I did learn some valuable alph
guy/amog info.

I have one question though. How do you game a foreign girl in a club that
doesn't speak very good english? The combination of trouble projecting over the
music and the language barrier killed all of the attraction that she had for me
on approach.

Any ideas?


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