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Outing Report: A blur with SmoothGuy69 & HollyWooD MacK!

mASF post by SmoothGuy69

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Outing Report: A blur with SmoothGuy69 & HollyWooD MacK!
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mASF post by "SmoothGuy69"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

OR: 30th July 2005. 1016am.

Another shining OR from SmoothGuy69 FEATURING:


YES guys, the alter ego, the human mirror, so many ways, smoothguy's alter ego
in the universe of pick up has arrived and the fun is about to begin.

Let's explore the future so far..

Bright lights!


Some guy has come into the fucking intet cafe and lefg t hus withhis fucking
moinidisc player whikle he goes and pisses everywhere. sorry for the fucking
misspelles but we are buoth tranced out from patterning eac h other like
schoolkids on acid and fucking sleep deprivation..

amyway.. he's goine and piossing and left uys mindidisc. wtf..

we could have stole it.

we didnt;


last night

i was out with JOLLY PUA>


He is PERSISTENT> direct badboy styl;e gam,e.

I filled in with very complimentary amogging.

OMG fucking hell. this is cheese on thids mindisic.

So i am filling in. We get blown up buy lots of girls that aren't worthy of
usl. I bump iunto fucking HBPOLISH and the two ITALIANSA! she 'as aha a UK
fucking mobile and lives in HAMMERSMITH i saw her get offt there with two blakc
guys she didn't see me.

OMG we're jammin now.


she inveted me to italia miolana we will get married!


so anyway. it's so cliched. that it reaches a new heighyt p.f.


i am teaching today,. the fucker has lost his mobile do you think i should
still teach him? he can't even fucking get it together to call me.


yea i sorted it we're ON.

no wonder he has to piss.

Now, jollyPUA is a good wing. His persistence with AMOGs is great. He got hit
last night, but i called the cops over and just as he was hit they were running
for the guy and were 1 meter away.

he wondered how3 i knew that they were going to hit him i just KNEW it's
calibration see?!

anyway, we don't give a fuck anymore.

i said to a girl.

i am must thinking now. do you think we should fuck each ohter. i am not sure
what do you think , TO WING: i am trying to be mature about it and discuss it
like adults.. TO HER: what do you think? i get smiles then serious i swiytch
to sexual state...

well it all goes on hheavy like that. hang on there's this dude. he's like
coked upo he's going out we goping with them fuck this out i go. gonna get
some chicj.,



be back soon

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