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Field Report: short report, please help on AMOG

mASF post by Ay

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Field Report: short report, please help on AMOG
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mASF post by "Ay"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

Befriend the AMOGs first. Usually my plan is like this:

1. find out if one of the AMOGs is bf of the target
- if no, go to step 2
- if yes, don't want to steal her from in front of him, unless he's a complete
tool. Usually these guys are cool so I don't like aggressive amoging and don't
think it's fair to steal their chick, because if I fail to get her, I will
still lower his value and this can potentially mess up their relationship which
I don't want. Bad carma has a way to bite your ass back.

2. befriend the amogs. This is done by vibing with them, some rapport, get them
engaged in the convo. Cars, chicks, whatever.

3. tool the amog in a friendly way. "Wow, dude, I love your hair! This guy is
super cool", "OMG dude, that's an awesome T-shirt. This guy is a PIMP!", "I
love that guy, he's awesome". Work the group, try to engage everybody at first
so guys think you're cool. "How does everybody know each other" is a great line
and accomplishes a lot of goals, such as finding out whether bf is present or
they are just "hanging out" together as friends.

4. Proceed to work the target after the obstacles and amogs are disarmed. Note
that you should be engaging the target periodically during the first few steps,
like talk to the guys and say loud so she can hear "hey, that chick is x
quality. How do you roll with her?". Shoot EC, give her minimal attention. You
should give more attention to the AMOGs first before switching to the target.

I'm not an expert at this, but recently I have gotten 3 #-closes from different
chicks in mixed sets by doing this. And guys loved me.

PS: seems like your sp is that you're giving too much attention to the chick
from the very start. Try talking to the guys first, she should start demanding
your attention and asking you questions in no time.

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