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What do you expect from a wingman?

mASF post by John Agent

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What do you expect from a wingman?
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mASF post by "John Agent"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Ideally a wing should do whatever it takes to help you break into a set, keep
the PU working (deflect AMOGs, cockblocks, talk to UG or other women in the
set), and make sure you can close. Even if that means acting like an AFC or
making an ass out of himself (as long as it doesn't hurt you) then the wing
should do it.

That's easy to do if the wing is married or in a LTR where he isn't trying to
PU and isn't worried about blowing his own chances.

When the wings are also trying to PU they should do what they can in a
particular set to help you out as much as possible without killing their own

At very least, they should be able to act cool and not fuck your game up.

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