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Field Report: day game. Digits!

mASF post by Ay

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Field Report: day game. Digits!
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mASF post by "Ay"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

Hey, I've been getting a lot more active lately! Cool :)

Since my two chicks from last FR decided to flake, I went sarging. Today me and
my regular wing, Alex, went to the Bite of Seattle festival to eat and pick up
chicks. Good stuff, the food was great and we ran some good sets. I'm not gonna
go into detail of each of them, but here are some that come to my mind.

2-set of really good looking blond HBs

Ayy: Hey, do you know where Starbux is?
HB: wha?
Ayy: Starbux = coffee? I need coffeeeeeee!
HB: oh, it's right in the food court
Ayy: where's teh food cours? There's food everywhere!
HB: actually we're gonna go the same direction so you can follow us
Ayy: ok, I'll drag along
Ayy: let me ask you something, a female opinion
HB: ok!
Ayy: speedo routine:
Ayy: which do you like better, speedos or boxers?
HB: wtf?! lol, speedos! boxers!
Ayy: Check this out. This Wednesday I was at the beach. The X beach in Seattle.
I went there so I could get myself tanned a little, because only my left side
is tanned since I'm always driving [pause]
HB: *listening*
Ayy: so I was wearing my green speedos...
HB: lol!
Ayy: ..and I got all kinds of weird looks and reactions!
HB: haha
Ayy: chicks gave me those weird looks and I actually got hit on by a guy!
HB: omg, lol!
Ayy: yeah, this guy came up to me and started hitting on me!
HB: lol, no way!
Ayy: yeah. You see, I'm from Russia, and over there everybody wears speedos, so
I thought it was cool here as well.
HB: lol, no speedos are gay, don't wear them in US!
Ayy: but why? That makes no sense, shouldn't the chicks like speedos more than
boxers? Like, more body exposed is hot?
HB: yeah, maybe, lol
Ayy: but most chicks say that speedos are gay
HB: yeah
Ayy: Qualifier: I think this has to do with them being insecure, they are
afraid to admit that they like looking at guys in speedos!
HB: lol, yeah. We like speedos, we are different! Everybody is wearing the same
baggy shorts, speedos are hot!
Ayy: see, but most chicks won't admit it. Chicks lie so much more than guys!
HB: noooo, guys lie more! Guys cheat more!
Ayy: no, check this out..

Wanted to run my cheating GF story, but we reached starbux:

Ayy: oh, there it is!
HB: yeah, cool
Ayy: hey, you want to buy some coffee for my friend?
HB: noooo, lol, we spent all our money!
Ayy: you're lying, see
HB: lol, yeah. Anyway, we need to find somebody
HB: oh, there she is!

It turned out to be their grandma that they spent the next hour chatting to.
They stuck around with us at Starbux for a while so I knew they liked us. Haha,
I almost went for a close. If Only I had 10 more mins!! Arrgh, one of them was
really hot.

So we walk around some more, open some more sets. This T-Mobile representative
comes up to us and gives us free samples of... T-Mobile Chapstick and pink
T-Mobile Sunscreen Glitter! OMG, wtf, lol! I take it and we decide to open a
set with this stuff.
Open a 3-set:

Ayy: hey guys, check this out. Ever seen T-Mobile glitter?
HB: what? lol, glitter?
Ayy: yeah, not just glitter, T-Mobile sunscreen glitter!
HB: omg, I never knew they made it!
Ayy: well, yeah, it's the stuff you put on your skin. We also got the T-Mobile
chapsticks, but we're keeping them.
HB: lol
Ayy: but here, you can have the glitter!
HB: omg, thanks! lol
Ayy: oh yeah, lemme ask you something
Ayy: speedo routine
HB: omg, lol. Speedos are gay!
Ayy: no, they are European!
HB: lol

some more chat, and I eject. It was like this, the girl to the left of me was
really into the material. The girl in the middle was smiling. The girl to the
right was not responding well. I spread myself too thin, like jlaix says, and I
only had two samples of glitter, so the chick to the right got none. But still,
good reactions.

We walked around some more, and head to our regular joint, the hookah bar. We
come in, nobody's there except fro this big-ass set of chicks and one dude. I
say hi to two of them, they sit by the wall.
I go to the restroom, come back and they're sitting by Alex. Nice.
Fluffed with them periodically. The guy that was with them, he's the brother of
one of the HBs, and the rest of the chicks are her friends. So I kinda made a
few comments here and there, gave them the weird looks, etc. I thought I was on
my way to getting IN.

Then comes the HBBike. She's a chick I almost closed last friday. We start
talking, I run my new speedo routine and some more stuff to get the attraction
going, then go for some rapport. We're having a nice convo, so I kinda lose
interest in the big-ass set to my right.

So we chat, smoke hookah, her friends come, we chat, smoke hookah. I kinda try
to interact with the set to my right, but they already have amogs sitting
around them. The place is packed by now.

The HBBike leaves, I #-close in front of her AFC friends and cousin(or BF)
dude, and I begin biefriending the AMOGs on the set to the right. One of the
chicks tries for rapport with me, but somehow it didn't work out because my
interest wasn't quite there.

I actually got in with the AMOGs, but it was hard to sarge the set from the
point where I was, I should have built up more attraction earlier, so it went
nowhere. After a while, me and Alex went out ways. I was exhausted because we
spent 8 hours sarging today and did a lot of sets, so by the end of the day I
felt like I could no longer spit out material with enthusiasm.

And here's a brief summary:

Good stuff:
- No approach anxiety due to a lot of memorized and made up material (11
routines, 3 stories)
- Opener didn't matter. Only one set didn't open well, the others were very
- Good vibing, biefriended the obstacles well
- Social proof in the hookah bar
- Alex had great peacocking going. Chichs literally almost broke their necks
looking at him as they passed.

Bad stuff:
- Could have opened more during the day. Will attempt again tomorrow
- Could have closed some of the chicks in the big-ass set at the hookah place,
but didn't build suffecient attraction when I had a chance.
- Didn't act on IOIs from chicks that were into Alex's outfit
- Didn't act on IOIs (there were plenty) from the big set in the bar

Will have a similar schedule tomorrow, plan to do better!

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2005 by "Ay" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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