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New girl ( from another town ) situ

mASF post by rpglord

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New girl ( from another town ) situ
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mASF post by "rpglord"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

I need advice within 2 hours lol :)

The cousin of one of my friends just moved in to my city and we went to cofee
one time and off course I already started gaming her ;) So we agree we should
go out on friday however not alone-there is this social circle associated and
she is expecting them too ( hard to explain lol ) So I called her today to
confirm and she said yeah sure when are YOU GUYS planning to get together.So I
told her I am not sure yet and will give her a call 1-2 hours later.

So its obvius I don't really want to go out with her and bunch of AFCS and
AMOGS...what can I do to refreme this ? So she go out alone with me ? What is
your advice ? Should I try to refreme this situ or let her go with me and my
friends and then try to isolate/close ?

Thanks !

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