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Field Report: Lone wolf night, 2 # closes

mASF post by thrillseeker

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Field Report: Lone wolf night, 2 # closes
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mASF post by "thrillseeker"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

I go to my Tues night spot after pregaming at a my favorite Chinese place,
which sells $1 beers, and buying a new boa. My wing is indisposed, so I'm
going lone wolf style.

I roll in the club, peacocking like a fag at a fashion show, as always. No one
is there. I'm early, as always. Why can't the whole world agree to party
between the hours of 7 and 12?

So I talk to a 2set, not really game them. I just want someone to entertain me
until the crowd arrives. They leave so I open 2 UGs and make them have pizza
with me.

People start to show up. I'm having a hard time getting into state, since I'm
all by myself. I do a seated set and get some attraction going. Good deal.
They leave to dance. No close. Should have gone for it anyway. I'm a closer,
not a gayboy (even tho I dress like one)!

I run into the chick I made out with last time in front of the horde of AMOGs.
She's like, "OMG, it's you!" She lunges at me, but I pull away and act a
little suspicious at first, but then hug her. I tell her I hate her cause she
didn't give me her number. She apologizes and says she'll give it to me this
time. She does and we kiss. This chick is really tall. I didn't even notice
last time. We part ways.

It's getting close to the time I turn into a pumpkin, as I have to work the
next day. I resolve to get one more #, or at least make a sincere effort.

So I open this 2set at a tall table, with some dudes straggling. I go in guns
blazing, and my target, a total hottie, is locked on to me. I have her total
attention, and she's all smiles and laughs. I run with my attraction bit, and
she's eating it up. I up the kino, and she's receptive to it.

After I go through most of my material, I sit beside her. Figuring she's
thoroughly hooked, which she seems to be, I try to go into interview type BS.
We exchange names, but that's about as far it gets. She won't even tell me
what the fuck she does.

This approach is getting nowhere. I ask her if she's adventurous. She asks me
what I mean. I say, "I don't know, what do you want it to mean," or some such
crap. Probably a bad move. I blab about stuff every now and then and I'm
trying to just vibe, but she's not very responsive. So I act like I don't
care, fuck with my phone, chat her friend a little. The kino had stopped. The
vibe kind of took a nose dive.

I felt like it was over and I wanted to leave. But if she wanted to leave that
was on her. Fucked if I'm just going to get up and leave on this total hottie
who I was doing so well with. I'm a closer, not a gayboy.

She's mostly looking away. I don't like the vibe. BUT her friend leaves and
she goes nowhere, even after some time. Occasionally she'll look at me, like
she's looking deep into my eyes with this kind of wry smile. Like maybe she's
trying to figure me out or something. I hold the EC. I get the vibe back, and
I go for the close. She gives me a hard time, makes me spell out explicitly
what I want her to do, and keeps objecting, saying that I said she wasn't cute.
(I did the, "I feel like I SHOULD be attracted to you, but I want to adopt
you," bit.) But I persist and she forks it over. I leave.

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