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Breaking out of the patterns of Insecurity.

mASF post by Intime

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Breaking out of the patterns of Insecurity.
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mASF post by "Intime"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, July 7, 2005

Recently I have been thinking about how so much of what we do and what we don’t
do is based on the many insecurities each of us have. We also have other terms
we use to describe an insecure person like “shyness” and being a “nice guy” or

Ever since I can remember I do not believe I have ever met anyone who I have
known personally that has absolutely no insecurities.

Not everyone seems to be aware of the way they project their insecurities to
the world, which is why they don’t make a conscious effort to be rid of them
since they believe they could live with it at the moment. And that hardly
anyone else would know anyway. Very often, people even think their insecurities
are personal good traits.

And possibly the fact that each of us has our own insecurities is probably why
so many internet forums like this seem to have a certain “vibe”, that seems
clearest on the internet due to the variety of people around and not everyone
being on the same intelligence level as well as us thinking our own postings
are creating more of an “impact” than an “impression”.

Without insecurities, AMOGS probably wouldn’t work on you and tests from women
would be a waste of time. If humans didn’t have insecurities, half of the
things we have learnt here would be quite useless to us. Since a lot of what we
learn is to be rid of our insecurities (Inner Game») or to exploit those of
others.( AMOGS, PUSH/PULL etc)

Insecurities seems to one of those things about people that we can not only
exploit for our own purposes, but our very own ones can affect us in so many
negative ways.

One thing we do hear often is being yourself, or being congruent with yourself.
Or other variations of the same advice. Our ideal self would seem to be one
without insecurities.

I’ll be the first to admit I still have insecurities, with all my progress and
all my knowledge from everything I’ve learnt from everyone in my life, I still
do have certain insecurities. It causes me to look at myself in a certain way,
it causes you to look at me in a certain way.

You tend to project your insecurities. In a way, insecurities are easy to read
and it causes people to judge you in certain ways due to their own
insecurities. Sometimes its an insecurity of knowing that part of them is just
like you.

But I guess that’s fine, because everyone does have their insecurities. But at
what point does it start to make u less than yourself? How little insecurities
would you need to be totally at ease in this world?

Something to think about. Is this really you? Are you being yourself?

You have to have as little insecurities as possible if you want to go an easier
path to accomplish most things. It is an easier mental path. When you have
insecurities in an area you will find the path so much more difficult than if
you were able to walk it free of the discomfort within you.

For those who feel this area is a problem for them, there are several self
programming tools available for your personal development goals.

- Incantations
- Affirmations
- Reframing
- Neuro-Linguistic Programming
- Other Mental technologies
- Visualizations
- Written goals
- Seminar programs
- Nightingale Conant programs (
- Self help and success material
- Being self aware in a positive improvement mindset

And I’m sure you would agree that to be attractive to women. You have to be
extremely secure in yourself and be unfazed by situations. Success breeds
confidence and confidence breeds success. Whether your technique increases your
inner game» or your inner game» increases your technique, you would notice you
will seem to have one less thing you are insecure about. First step is to
destroy your insecurities and deal with your own issues.

Some final thoughts.
Is the reason why you feel you need a lot of material items to cover your
How would you open sets if you had no insecurities?
How would you look at others in the world if you had no insecurities?
How would people perceive you is you had no insecurities?
How would you reply to posts if you had no insecurities?
How would you perceive yourself?
What are your insecurities?

You can decide to hide them or you can destroy them. Or you can let it all out
for the world to see. It’s a choice to be made and it’s also a belief in what’s
possible and what is “ideal”.

Well these are my thoughts. How about everyone else? What is plaguing you now?
How do you deal with your own insecurities? And what are your thoughts on what
or who has helped you over the years to be rid of them? How do you deal with
these little devils now? Great to hear everyone’s thoughts.

- Intime

Off topic: lalalala i won a holiday today . Yaaay!

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