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Tactics from a natural....

mASF post by LowRider69

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Tactics from a natural....
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mASF post by "LowRider69"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, July 7, 2005

My buddy uses natural game» and i've picked up alot from watching and learning
from him.

Off the top of my head:

1) Create buzz around everything

It doesn't matter what restaurant, movie, club he's going to, he'll make it
seem like its the BEST shit.

Example: "Yo, i'm going to XYZ restaurant. They have the sweetest chicken wings
there. Yo, you'll lose it when you eat these chicken wings, seriously man, they
are the best in the entire city...and man, its all you can eat. This place is
so good, not too many people know about it"

He does this with chicks too. He'll make something simple seem amazing.

"Yeah, Tina, i live in the boonies and my backyard is so sweet. Its perfect for
BBQing and hanging out...we have the sweetest set-up - and my bro makes the
best hamburgers, you haven't lived until you've eaten one of these

And he keeps going on and on until tina says: "hey, i should come over

The basic tactic is to make his life seem so incredible that other people want
in. And it doesn't matter if its exgerrated because the goal is to bring people
into his reality and make it seem attractive.

2) Busts into random stories

Sometimes when we're chilling with chicks, he'll bust out into random stories.

EG: "Oh shit, you know what? The other day I was walking along the street and
there was this dog across the road, those pugs, the funny ones like in the cell
phone commercial...anyway, so i was walking and i wasn't paying attention and
BAM I walked right into a fire hydrant..."

And he'll demonstrate how he hit his nut-sack against the fire hydrant. Its
halarious and the chicks love it.

He'll say: "Ok guys, this is off-topic but..." and breaks out into a story.

KEY MINDSET: Very strong reality.

3) Sexualizing Everything

Tons of sexual humor. Its non-stop and women love it. He's always sexual and
doesn't give a fuck if it offends anyone.

"Hey Amy, check out that polish sausage...mmmm..."
"1, 2, 3, 4 -> fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck" (gyrating hips)

4) AMOGs

He'll lightly amog guys in front of women.

It shows dominance and creates attraction fast. Most guys aren't quick enough
and they'll resort to "laughing it off" or taking the hit.

5) Rapport

He realizes importance of rapport and he gets chicks to tell him secrets and
personal things that builds connection.

His favourite tactic is building light rapport by agreeing "me too" and "yeah,
i agree, thats true"

Then linking that topic to his life. So he keeps linking topics until the chick
feels deep connection with him.

6) Laughter

He laughs all the time.

Maybe you guys think laughter is supplication but laughter creates good
positive emotions and people adopt his frame and laugh with him.


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