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Field Report++: I AM A PUA!!!

mASF post by thrillseeker

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Field Report++: I AM A PUA!!!
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mASF post by "thrillseeker"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

I have officially promoted myself. I'm a baby PUA, very new and wet behind the
ears, but I now feel confident in saying that I am in fact a PUA. I will now
go over the details of last night.

1. Warm ups.

2. Talked to dancer/beer girl, cause she looked like the one who was all over
my nuts at the other place. It was actually a different one though. I gamed
her a little bit, and it went ok. I didn't push it hard because she can't
leave if she wants to and she's a professional flirt and I'll be back in her
bar frequently and all that. We took a picture together.

3. I blew myself out a lot of times by overqualifying. NICE. What a great way
to loose--by being TOO cool for the chicks. Several time, chicks would
approach me cause of my peacocking and I'd say "Hands off the merchandise, this
shit ain't free." And they'd always leave. Some of them got downright pissed.
One even said "You're not that cute," and pushed me.

I was wearing orange/brown corderoy (SP??), a red T-shirt with a picture of a
wiener dog and it says, "My wiener does tricks," aviator shades, leather wrist
stuff and my black boa. And I am kind of good looking. And I had a bad-ass
pimped out vibe.

4. So next one came along (there was no end of them) and this time I was nice.
Was kind of trying of rapport, and then I went into my normal attraction game.
Took pictures with her, took her by the hand, sat down at a booth, chatted, got
to know each other, got her #, danced with her. Oh yeah, we made out. And
then she goes over to her (male) friends and says she has to check out the
other bar. NICE! What a sweetie. I'm usually wondering how I can tactfully
get rid of chicks so I can continue sarging and she gets rid of herself. She
was a 6.5.

5. Go back to other bar. Open 2-set. Same old stuff, chick loves me, I get #.
I ran into the previous chick. I high-fived, she hugged me, and then I went
back to find my new set. 6.5

Side note--what is a 7? I think I have a tendency to give chicks either 6.5 or
8, with nothing in between. Hmm.

6. Back to other club. I'm wandering around looking for my friend. There is
this chick sitting at a table in a circle of AMOGs. She opens me on my boa.
I'm standoffish at first, but then talk to her. We talk. She's giving me
massive IOIs, very sexual. She is a solid 8. The AMOGs are talking constantly
trying to get our attention, saying all kinds of shit, touching me, but I'm
just ignoring them and focusing on the chick. I ask her how good a kisser she
is and make out with her. The AMOGs keep AMOGing, but we're in our own world
and pay no attention. This goes on for a while. I try to # close her. She
types in some bullshit and then gives it back. Rather than persist, I kiss her
one more time and then leave. That was about as much as I could take. I think
I'm shaking, but I'm totally
pumped and I feel like a pimp. Which I am.

Guess she wanted to make her friends jealous. Nice. That's cool. That is one
of several free services I provide for HBs as a PUA.

7. I go outside the club. These are two bar/clubs which are in a mall. So
outside the club is in the mall. Still haven't found my wing. I see 3 chicks.
So what the fuck. More practice. I break out the old classic David Bowie for
shits and giggles. I don't quite finish cause the girls are preoccupied and
drunk. But they accept me. One chick is on the floor, and is pissed cause the
cops say she is too drunk to go back in the bar. The other chicks leave to
find another friend. I'm ready to leave at any moment, but they don't seem to
want me to. Ok, so what the fuck.

I sit down next to the drunk chick and chat. The cops say we can't sit on the
floor so we relocate. I rub her back and her head and hold her hand. We are
relocated again. So we go downstairs and find a bench. She lies down on top
of me. I caress her a lot and we make out. For a long-ass time.

This chick is hot. I give her 8. Turns out she's 30! I never would have
guessed. She looked fine and her skin was very nice and smooth. She's been
married for 8 yrs, but she feels they don't have anything in common anymore.

I get her #. She is all over me. I mean she really likes me. Says I'm too
good, all this shit. I'm good like that. Seriously, I'm more sensual than
most chicks. I LOVE the cuddling and gentle caressing. She was getting pretty
heated up. I was thinking about taking her to my car and fucking her. If we
were in a room together we WOULD have been fucking, no doubt. Unfortunately, I
live on a military base an hour away, and we're not allowed to bang chicks in
our rooms.

I tried to get her to go to my car, but she said she couldn't leave her
friends. We lied down on a bench. Made out more. She fell asleep on top of
me. No one could find us for some reason, even though I gave very simple
instructions: "Out the door, turn right, on a bench."

I really got off on this whole experience, cause I was looking out for her.
When I was a kid I'd have these intricate romantic fantasies that involved me
finding some poor helpless hot girl and me being all tender and sweet and
protecting and taking care of her. Guess it's some kind of evolved male

It was a beautiful, poetic moment there on that bench. I was thinking about
how we both have our own separate lives--her with a freakin husband--we didn't
know each several hours ago, and there we are in the middle of night lying in
each other's arms on a park bench. I'm lying there, looking up at a tree,
feeling the nice gentle breeze and feeling all Zen.

The score: 3 #s, 3 make-outs. It was a good night.

Thank you RSD! Thank you Jeffy! Thank you ASF! I love the game!

"You're not a worker bee. You're a renegade killer bee."

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