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the board reeks now

mASF post by lost_and_found

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the board reeks now
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mASF post by "lost_and_found"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/8/05 2:02:00 AM, ox wrote:
>On 7/7/05 2:21:00 PM, lost_and_found
>>I agree, there are some cases
>>where commercial people are
>>just blatantly selling. I hate
>>that. But what I see more
>>often is commercial people
>>posting awesome stuff and
>>people with their guns up
>>ready to shoot them down
>>claiming that they are just
>perhaps because fr/lr section is not the
>place to sell. why dont they post a real
>fr and be done with like the rest of us.
>come on man.
>do you see the big guys(td, mystery,
>style, etc) posting fr there? why?
>see you,

Dimitry posts real fr. Wookhaven posted a few awesome LR. They are commercial
guys. Are they posting because the want to get popular and sell, maybe, so
what? if the fr are not fake I rather have them post them. If their thread turn
into flame wars without reason, they will stop posting, and that will be a big

One the other hand there are guys that might post things like "I roll into the
set and the AMOGS are blown to pieces because of my BL and strong inner frame
(I couldn't explain it here, you'll have to see me to learn it), and the girl
totally dig me when I run my routine stack..." That is when they are selling
and posting BS. There is a big difference.

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