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Re: Analysing HItch

mASF post by MindSync

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Re: Analysing HItch
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mASF post by "MindSync"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

Well, the Hitch's script is kind of sofisticated and fun although
unrealistic... but it is good to get leverage from a previous crash and
burn. Nice.

Chip's aproach was much more realistic and real life. I don't like the drink
offer and opener, don't like the line "you look like my next girlfriend"...
but he was good at plowing with material... ignored the girls response and
kept is frame. Chalenging. Material sounded like (SS) paterns to me. To bad
Hitch AMOGed him...

I liked the movie. Fun!

Movies are good to learn bodylanguage and frames (Hitch). Forget the
elaborated pick up planes...

Check the way hitch opens and isolates a HB10 with many AMOGs talking to
her. Please coment you group theory junkies! ;)

The end was totaly lame and holywood like...

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