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breakin all the rules

mASF post by pimp101

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breakin all the rules
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mASF post by "pimp101"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

thanks guy

you have all been a big help i will do formhandles 16 week boot camp it will be
fuckin awesome i know i have the ability to be a great pua because i have
fuckin balls of steel, i am gonna try as hard as possible to get rid of this
bitch but she is a fuckin beautifal 9 so its hard letting go cuz she is hot,
but fuck her im better than that shit. i am going to spain on july 3rd so im
gonna tell her right before that 2 fuck off so i can start getting over that
bitch in spain
the pu in cancun was good i didnt fuck cuz my wingmen were fuckin afc chump
cock suckers i did manage to get away from them and hook up with 2 bffs on
another night i was about to fuck a girl until she got hit by a fuckin car. i
met all those real world people, mad chilled. what was your girls name? there
was a lot of other amogs there, like shit loads but i dont make any excuses as
a man. the good thing about cancun was i approached so many fuckin sets that
gave me so much experience in 7 days i approached over 3-400 sets. which was
amazing. ill get back to where i was and even better.
thank you so much guys

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