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Field Report: An old crush is resolved..

mASF post by JFUNK

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Field Report: An old crush is resolved..
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mASF post by "JFUNK"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

I guess the lesson of the story is to jump on your intuitions, even if they
turn out to be totally off. I'm so glad to have resolution on this crush thats
bothered me forever. I know I fucked up, but who cares. Most of my regrets are
things I didn't do anyhow. Letting a crush sit around without action is like
watching a ripe fruit rot, so onward..

So, we have these close friends that moved far away a while a go. They're so
close they're pretty much family. They have a daughter my age. I've been
attracted to her on and off for the last 10 years or so. This time, when they
came from across the country to stay with us, something clicked in my head. I
decided I wanted her bad, and it was time to get some answers. And answers I

A little background on her. About as sweet natured as they come. One of those
girls that helps old ladies cross the street. Always smiling, always joking,
always talking. Incredibly bubbly and cute. She was short, but had the nicest
big breasts, very easy on the eyes. I had never heard anything about a
boyfriend, just assumed she got plenty of male attention.

They came at the beginning of the week. During the day I would be working, and
they would be touring as a family. I would only see them late at night. I knew
one thing: Nothing was going down for sure until I got her away from her family
somehow. It seemed impossible. My first attempt was to take her to shoot pool
with me one night. She complained she was tired and would rather watch a movie
with her parents. Fine. Next was one night we ended up watching TV together
when everyone was already sleeping in the other room. I wasn't even on the
couch with her; I was on a separate chair. I couldn't work up the courage to
get up, walk over and make a move. It also was kinda out in the open, and prone
to discovery. I went to sleep frustrated that I still had no answers. I
decided, no more excuses. The next opportunity was getting jumped on.

This was a slightly different situation, as I love this girl. Partly a crush
and partly a family type of love, so to make a move on her was a kind of
delicate task. I decided on a pretty AFC approach to it, saying how I think
she's special, etc, but overall I thought it was well suited to her personality
type. She always looked like she wanted me to kiss her. Laughed at all my
jokes, so unless me radar was way out of whack, It looked like something was
meant to happen,I spoke to my brother, who wanted her sister, who was his age.
Works out, right? We both needed to get them away from family, and couldn't
figure out a way.

The night before they were leaving, the opportunity hit. We were at a BBQ in
Jersey one night in this woodsy little neighborhood, and I suggested we go for
a walk. This was only to my girl, and she then invited my brother and her
sister. They tagged along. We walked for a while, and ran into a street which
we thought might take us back to the house. I suggested the 4 of us split and
meet back. I didn't think it would work. It did, and I was alone with my girl,
and my brother with his. Jackpot.

We walked, talked for a while. Nothing different than we'd been doing in the
last 10 years.I raised the ante. I started asking her about boyfriends, she
said she didn't have one, we chatted about love lives for a while. I was
sitting on this gravel driveway, and she refused to sit down too, so I'm
sitting and talking to her while she's standing. At this point I'm thinking
she's not down with it, and I'm wasting my time. We decided to walk around the
block one more time. Then I hit her with the AFC-Bomb. She hugged me and held
my hand. "I really want to kiss you now," said I. I hear some resistance. I go
in, we begin making out, and she cuts it off, "I can't, I'm leaving tomorrow
night!" Then it went pretty sour. I'm like "c'mon, one more minute" "No" I try
physically dragging her into the shade to try again. She wasn't having it. So
we started walking back, holding hands. I said, "Look me in the eye, and tell
me you're 100% not attracted to me. Do it" She goes "I'm just not interested.
I'm really flattered, but I'm not interested" I said "I'll give you a couple of
years to come around" And she smiled and said OK. I asked her how many
boyfriends she had ever had. She sad "ZERO", and started telling me that she
was a 1 in some compatibility test, which means she might not ever find someone
being so selective, bla bla. It struck me that I was definitely not the first
guy she'd turned down this year. Virgins!

We walked back to the house, and let me tell you, I was almost physically
hungry for another kiss. I couldn't stand it. I managed to play it cool the
rest of the night, but I was really hurting. I was wondering if my radar is
totally busted, I'm wondering how much better I could have kissed, her handled
it etc. Basically eating myself up. I spoke to someone about it, who told me
something that put it together for me. She was a princess in virgin-land, not a
mature adult! That clicked it into place for me, she really was just a little
kid with big tits, not a sexual, seduction type. Before she left, I told her
that my moves the other night were kinda impulsive, not really me, and that I
loved her anyway. I had basically dropped her from the seduction perspective,
and just wanted to keep things pleasant for the future. And I'm sure that in
the next few years, if she doesn't marry her rich virgin prince charming, JFUNK
will be popping into her little head. Till then folks, I'm not holding my

What would you have done? I mean assuming this was somebody close to you, and
not some ho you met outside a club?

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