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PUA and AFC differences in assumptions.

mASF post by n3rv1

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PUA and AFC differences in assumptions.
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mASF post by "n3rv1"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

Hey this post brightened my day. Good job!

I like this perspective on PU. You should post more fluid.

On 8/14/05 10:18:00 AM, masta fluid wrote:
>In every day life the
>excitement must be focused on
>what we want, not on what we
>don't want. Our purpose should
>drive us to make the correct
>decisions based on our inner
>goals. Not as reactions to the
>outside world. As we shape our
>realities and bring people
>into them. Our inner purposes
>are secretly being manifested
>in everyday life. Our
>assumptions create our actions
>in every day life. The way we
>assume the world will react to
>us determines our actions.
>This is especially significant
>in PUA and AFC comparisons.
>Real quick a couple examples.
>AFC assumes chicks don't want
>to get laid or approach. It
>requires work to make a chick
>attracted and getting laid is
>merely 'luck'. This causes
>them to believe buying chicks
>dinners and supplicating to be
>the "keys" to getting laid.
>The belief that chicks don't
>want to be approached causes
>them to learn some hokey
>opening lines which are so
>transparent. Opening lines
>scream to chicks when they are
>approached that the AFC is
>trying to pick up the chick
>BASED on their lines and not
>based on themselves. This is
>huge. It's classic projection.
>Simply explained; Projection
>is the son of Assumption. The
>assumption that chicks don't
>want to be approached creates
>our belief that looks are the
>MAIN indicator for favorable
>approaching. This is only true
>if you are approaching and
>looking for initial ATTRACTION
>and not INTEREST. AFCs in PUA
>clothing still operate from
>these assumptions. This causes
>them to sit at home for hours
>and memorize lines and lines
>of material.
>PUA assumes chicks want to get
>laid and approached. NOW THE
>REASON WHY IS KEY. It is your
>entire game. If you believe
>you are getting laid because
>of one method over another.
>When you use that particular
>method it ALLOWS you to assume
>success. Let's get to the
>bottom of this. Chicks are not
>logical. Chicks are
>environmentally driven
>creatures. If you assume
>rejection; you can say the
>tightest lines on the planet
>and you will BE rejected.
>Chicks follow your lead. They
>do not reject you. You reject
>you. If you try to give me a
>hundred dollar bill and I say
>no fuck you. Would you walk
>away to give it to someone
>else or would you try to
>explain the value of the
>hundred dollar bill to me. The
>answer to this is the answer
>to your personal approach with
>women. If you ASSUME my
>opinion is higher than yours.
>You will DOUBT the value of
>the hundred dollar bill. Then
>you will walk away thinking
>the hundred dollar bill is
>worthless and you were a fool
>for trying to give it to me.
>This is the answer to why you
>allow yourself to be rejected.
>The ability for the PUA to
>have the correct ASSUMPTIONS
>in any given interaction. No
>matter the belief process
>behind it is by far the
>greatest power he possesses in
>seducing chicks. It
>encompasses all methods,
>techniques, and strategies.

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