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Yes, you are autistic

mASF post by Mancini

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Yes, you are autistic
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mASF post by "Mancini"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, August 8, 2005

This is very interesting for me as I have aspergers syndrome.

First some background Info of me. (Some stuff I have told before)
I have been on the board for quiet some time now.
I’m really dedicated to improve on my seduction techniques.
I have lived with lots of girls and some guys in a dorm (best description I can
make not quite a dorm but descriptive enough). So I have some experience.
The main goals back when I joined this board was to becoming better at
understanding women and learn to not be such a pushover.

I think every Aspergers or autistic should replay to this thread as I truly
believe we can learn to pickup women. And I would like personal replays too.
Maybe we could set up a yahoo group.

My main sticking points are fear of approach, even though I really know that I
can get any women to laugh, and they will like me if they get to know me. That
is based on experience.
Other sticking point is
Very sensitive to other peoples action, feelings and bashing.

Difficult maintaining my frame
Sometimes I feel confident and nothing can stop me and girls look at me. And
the next day I down and feel like a doormat. Well not so much anymore my status
in my social circle is pretty much up the ladder…

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