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Field Report: Cool saturday nights

mASF post by Melodic

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Field Report: Cool saturday nights
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mASF post by "Melodic"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

Went out alone again yesterday with the same objective, to hit 12 sets, or 12
approaches. Did only 5. As usual I entered a packed club in my town and start
to screen for targets. I feel ok, going out alone is not a problem anymore,
after dozens of nights.

After a while I spot a brunette 6,5 dancing alone and just start dancing in her
front, but very close to her. We chat for a while and I kiss close her. She
moves away and as I walk to another area of the club, another brunette give me
blatantly IOI. I kiss close her immediately.

Now Im feeling very confident and approach the third girl taking the drink out
of her hand and drinking a little. I say I like it and drink more. I feel shes
into me big time and kiss close her too. Amazing results so far, 3 approaches 3
kiss closes.

Im starting to search for 2 hot girls I saw before and wanted to open. My
fourth set bombs and the fifth set is a hot blonde that I wanted so much to
pick up..but she didnt pay me attention.

So thats it for last night. Im feeling a little bad because I once again I
didnt asked for phone numbers. But then the place was more like pick your girl,
leave her and move to another target. Is it cool to pick her phone number and
just move to another target?

My targets are still on the 6-7 scale, I need more than that.

- Melodic

"You dont really know your limits until you cross them".

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