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Field Report: 4 approaches last night

mASF post by Canes

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Field Report: 4 approaches last night
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mASF post by "Canes"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

On 8/12/05 4:08:00 PM, Melodic wrote:
>I read a post recently about
>doing 12 approaches per night
>you go out and decided to do
>that yesterday. I hit a local
>club alone with the goal of
>approaching 12 girls, because
>I never did that many sets.
>And I know that I would be
>doing just fine with more
>chances of getting success.

I think you'll find that as you start going out more consistently and doing
that many sets, it will not seem nearly as challenging, and in fact 12 may turn
into your *minimum*.

>At first I just chill out for
>like 1 hour until i get the
>feeling of the place and than
>I approach a cute blonde next
>to me. I dont use canned shit
>so I am always in search of
>situational stuff to use. It
>delays my approach sometimes.

I quote Brent of DYD: "Whatever your intention, hesitation is your enemy." I
100% agree with that quote. It's best to get into action right away: I don't
know what "feel" for the place you could have possibly achieved by sitting
around for an hour.

>2 set I approach a HB6
>brunette very direct, touching
>her clothes,

Remember: kino is an IOI.

>taking her hand
>we just chat for a while and I
>kiss close her.


>I always had a
>problem with escalation, I
>never knew how to do that. Now
>I usually just take the girls
>hand at some moment and see if
>she responds.

See TD's post "ranging." It relates.

I'm glad that you're getting "used" to this stuff--getting "used" to something
is the exact method of success, actually, so keep on daring, daring, daring,
daring until you have what you want.


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