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Yes, you are autistic

mASF post by Sharpshooter

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Yes, you are autistic
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mASF post by "Sharpshooter"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, August 8, 2005

Autistic people have difficulty empathizing (interpreting other people's
emotions and responding appropriately to them), but they often excel at
"systemizing." They can understand the laws that govern mathematics, logic,
engineering, and other systems very quickly.

Simon Baron-Cohen of Cambridge has found that women are, on average, better at
empathizing than men, and that men are, on average, better at systemizing.
That doesn't mean that all women are better at empathizing than men, just that
there are more women than men who are able to empathize well.

Baron-Cohen's theory is that autistic men and women have an extremely
pronounced "male" brain that is far more systematic than empathetic:

I doubt that the majority of the people on the board are autistic (despite the
title of this topic), but there are some people who are trying to reduce
empathetic skills into a system of laws and rules, so that when they are
talking to a woman, they refer to the system to figure out what to say and do.

The good side is that the system gives its students the confidence of having a
plan. The bad sides are that the students are missing the empathetic skills
that they need to execute the plan properly; the system cannot respond to the
fact that "no plan survives contact with the enemy" (or with the woman, who is
not a enemy but a partner); and the system inhibits the students from
developing the spontaneity and fun and free flowing energy of a looser
approach. This is not a matter of outer versus inner game». System and empathy
are both elements of 'outer' game, that is, how to relate to other people
rather than the 'inner' game of having a healthy life, mentally and physically.

It's been my observation of the board and of people in real life that they use
the system as training wheels. It gives them something to say when they meet
an attractive woman. But for the first few months, success does not improve
very much. They aren't sleeping with more women. What they are learning,
slowly, is the empathetic skill of reading people and social situations. Once
that improves, they have more success.


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