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Don‘t Get Discouraged

mASF post by money_matteo

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Don‘t Get Discouraged
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mASF post by "money_matteo"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, August 8, 2005

On 8/9/05 8:48:00 PM, thrillseeker wrote:
>Congratulations on the good
>work, dude. Keep it up.
>Ignore the haters.
>Hey haters, instead of telling
>him how much he sucks,

I don't think anyone is telling him he sucks, but 1300 cold approaches for a
phone number is insane. To put 1300 into context, that's approaching 4 people a
day, EVERY day, for an ENTIRE YEAR. For ONE number-close.

I teach computer animation and people will come into my classroom sometimes
with 5-6 years experience and in one month I can sometimes quadruple their
skillset. It's all because of the quality of teachers they had before and the
approach they took to learning which was all wrong or very inefficent. I think
something similar has happened for napkin and it would be of benefit to see how
he approached the game.

Congratulations on having the dedication Napkin! I think with a tighter focus
the sky will be the limit for you.


"I'm charming, I'm dashing, I'm rental car bashing, I'm phoney paper passing at
Nick's Check Cashing" -Paul's Boutique

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