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Persisting for meet ups

mASF post by Jade

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Persisting for meet ups
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mASF post by "Jade"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

> He talks about how girls have ZERO motivation to go out of their way to meet
> up with guys, whether he's cool or not, cause they already have all the ass/
> validation that they need.

TD relies mostly on C&F so there is not going to be the sort of deep rapport
that I prefer to develop. I mean, every man has a dick, sex drive and maybe
even muscles. Not everyone knows how to do C&F well, but there are plenty of
guys like that too. But a deep emotional connection can make you a one in a
lifetime type of guy for her. I mean, this is not a theory; this is what I DO,
and it works. My target age group is 25-30, maybe that also counts.

> Realistically, I think "handing her the ball" will result in you never hea-
> ring from her again more often than not.

If she doesn't call, apparently I didn't do my thing well enough or there was
simply not enough connection. In that sense I see it as a positive thing. You
either make a lasting impression or you don't; and if you don't, there simply
isn't anything you can do to make it otherwise through phone, e-mail, etc.

> We are talking about PUs from cold approaches here,

I know we are. But you are not supposed to allow her to STAY cold.

> Tangent: "I am the prize" is an essential mindset to have, but the reality
> is that it is a TACTIC for you to get what you want

I see it as an attitude, not a tactic. What it means is that you live by your
own standard of value, and consider it superior to the standards of others. It
isn't necessarily related to PU in any way, it's just a healthy attitude. You
are not a lackey who can be used and tossed aside for free, you know that you
have much to offer. If the first person you meet doesn't want it, you keep it,
and find another person who does, rather than do a fire sale.

I mean, anyone who only pretends to fix his head in order to get laid rather
than actually fixing it for real, for his own sake, has serious problems.

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