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Lay Report: HBrussian Pornstar - workshop nite deluxe ::

mASF post by chariot

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Lay Report: HBrussian Pornstar - workshop nite deluxe ::
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mASF post by "chariot"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

workshop night 2... rolled up to club with our students... business as usual -
time to take london.
we have a great night with all students making big gains.

All night ive been chatting to girls left and right, merging sets with
students, giving feedback and a lot of training. So most girls in the club have
seen me or talked to me at some point in the night. This happens to the point
where randoms will be rolling by and grabbing me and all that.

Its funny that over a night you start to notice every girl in the place. I
always have a running tab in my mind of what girls are in a venue and generally
where they are - its like a computer program running in the background.

So i pick up on this 6ft 3" tall blonde bomb turboslut cruising around. Mini
skirt, pornstar heels, legs to the sky, rack deluxe, beautifully preserved at
no less than 30. Guys are approaching her from all angles and getting blown
out... even MY trained students are getting blown out. she keeps running back
to this big built bald guy. Damn... im loving these older experienced girls at
the moment.

Program finishes and im chatting with TD's girlfriend roxy. HBturbo rolls by...
chariot: "Roxy! - thats the one for tonight"

HBturbo sits on a couch on the other side of the club by herself. Another chode
rolls up and gets shot down in a blaze of glory. I smile to myself. Whenever im
about to roll up - this quiet little smile comes on inside my mind - thats it.
Im not thinking what should i say? what can i do?... i just GO and let it FLOW.
This is important to stay outside my own head and not get analytical and shit.

Shes on her phone...

I glide up to her couch totally ignoring her and drop down beside her
pretending to be txting on my phone or something. She stops the call she was
making. I say the first thing that comes to mind.

chariot: hey! - where are the cool parties in london?
hbturbo: i dont speak english
chariot: bullshit - where are the cool parties in london?
hbturbo (looking shocked): hmmmm i do not know.
i pat her on the head like a little girl
chariot: your a bad girl
hbturbo: What!???
i grab her head and pull it towards mine, basically pressing my lips against
her ear
chariot: your. a. bad. girl.
hbturbo (grabbing me): your a bad boy!!!!
chariot: correct

this push pull game goes on for a good 5 mins. massive heavy kino - me pushing
her away. she tells me shes russian. nice. i notice that with these older girls
and the older ones i pick up in LA i play up the whole toyboy thing. like ill
be constantly thinking and acting in a way that this older girl fantasises
about guys like me being their secret affair. I become very congruent with this
character when im playing these girls...

hbturbo: would you like to kiss me?
chariot: no. anyway... im trying to find out where the cool parties are in
london ive only been here a day.

she is visibly shocked... i randomly pull her head in, she doesnt expect it,
and makeout hardcore style. then push her away again.

she starts asking my name, where im from, etc - i put my finger on her lips to
shut her up then makeout again.

then her friend rolls up and turbo freaks out and starts going mental and runs
away into the bathroom.
damn!? what is this shit? I figure that because turbo probably has a BF that
the friend knows.

oh well... i can deal with this.

i chill with hoobie and a student for a minute when she rolls past. I grab her
hard and pull her in... she looks relieved that ive done this. this is how its
played boys - she cant understand english that well - but be DOMINANT, LEAD and
PROJECT HIGH VALUE and its over.

I grab her hand and lead her hard outside the club. Great. This will be the
biggest challenge of the night - navigating through leicster square cockfarm at

shes on for the pull - i feel it. my hostel is a 10 minute walk to picadilly.

when you have a turbo girl - taller than you, all over you, walking through a
big crowd of frustrated guys at 3am you start to notice things. guys are
staring us down hardcore, coming from everywhere trying to grab at her - its
like a game of asteroids or something where all these things are coming at you
and you have to deal with it before you get blown up. the girl is all in state
and for the moment i am the chosen one - she has made her decision. but state
is always tempramental.

she makes lame attempts at refusing my pull - just so it isnt her fault.
dominate and lead.

so after nearly 3 fist fights and blowing off random chodeys i finally get back
to the hostel... with no key.
the problem with this hostel also is that they dont let anyone else who is
staying in.

i thought this would be a problem - but... after frame controling the guy at
the front desk he makes a call upstairs and gets two new keys issued
immediatly. Amazing what can happen with a tall blonde on your arm.

We get into the bunk bedded hostel - shit is everywhere and beds are all messed

Hbturbo: what!? you stay in this mess!!!?
chariot: oh thats cute - youll clean it up for me?

i grab her and throw her on one of the beds... and its over.

pornstar is the word.

she passes out and drops her phone... i realise i know nothing about this girl.
i start looking at her photo gallery on her phone and its pics of her and some
dude... uh oh!


the next morning she is a bit disturbed asking me "ummm, will we be expecting
children" haha. she didnt know or care that i used a condom.

shes all "I have to find my hotel blah blah" - so i lead her to the elevator
put her in and say "the people downstairs will help you"

i give her the classic two finger salute as the elevator door closes.

jobs done ;)

whats funny is the next night im out on program in the same venue and this big,
black, good looking dude approaches me all "hey! i saw you pull that girl last
night. did you know she has a big badass boyfriend?"

dude? i dont know what your talking about??!!! sorry - wrong guy.


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